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  • How to avoid crawl depth issues

    For websites to be indexed within the results pages of search engines, search engine web crawlers (often called a “spider” or “spiderbot”), must first explore their pages. These crawlers provide essential information to search engines so that the engines can supply users with the most useful and accurate results. In order for crawlers to efficiently […]

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  • JAMstack, Edge Workers & Worker Sites: New Challenges & Opportunities in SEO

    2019 has seen the advent of a number of new challenges for SEO professionals, ranging from Google’s ever-changing efforts to “deliver better results for users”, to serverless technologies creating new opportunities for SEO implementations. JAMstack is also becoming more popular as organisations are looking to deconstruct their monolithic architectures, and become more agile in how […]

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  • Common JavaScript errors in SEO and how to avoid them

    JavaScript (JS), initially named Live Script, was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995. Put simply, JS is a scripting language that enables web developers to insert code within a website. The script also allows performing tasks that are not possible in the traditional HTML markup language. These are mostly interactive behaviours, such as displaying hamburger […]

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  • Technical writing vs technical content writing

    With only one word differing the two terms, the confusion between technical writing and technical content writing is understandable. Further adding to this confusion is the fact that the two disciplines require similar skill sets and can even cross paths in many instances. However, the ultimate aims of technical writing and technical content writing are […]

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  • How to prevent comment spam as a site owner

    In the majority of cases, post comments are a good indication that a site is generating quality content to a healthy and attentive audience. Often referred to as user-generated content (UGC), comments are great for SEO as they provide sites with free qualitative content, longtail keywords, and can help boost signals across social platforms. There […]

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  • What to check if you get a sudden traffic drop

    There can be many reasons why a website might suddenly lose traffic. From changes in search engine algorithms, through to simple tracking errors, the reasons for a traffic drop can be either simple or agonisingly complex. At SALT.agency, we provide comprehensive traffic drop audits for companies that are experiencing depreciated levels of traffic. Before you […]

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