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  • Solving Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Speed Issues

    When talking about any website from a technical perspective, site speed is never far away from the agenda. In recent years, through various updates and communications, Google has reinforced and placed emphasis on the need to factor this into our core thinking. It’s a metric that a large number of SEOs and marketers gravitate to […]

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  • Identifying site structure weaknesses

    When people talk about website SEO, they often refer to on-page and off-page optimisation to distinguish between on-page factors like keywords, headings and meta tags, and off-page factors like inbound links and domain authority. But one factor you might have overlooked is your overall site structure, which is generally regarded as an extension of on-page […]

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  • What happened to meta-search engines?

    Back in the early days of search engines, Google wasn’t yet the dominant force it is today. Instead, there were several contenders for that throne, all vying for market share. Some of those first true search engines, which used a crawler to index pages that could then be searched for keywords, included: Infoseek WebCrawler Lycos […]

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  • Search trends for the travel and tourism industry

    There are multiple types of holidays you can go on, ranging from meditation retreats, skiing holidays, to last-minute summer breaks. Certain holidays are more prevalent in some countries, as well as users might be looking for the same type of holiday but using different search terms to look for it. Research has determined that Americans […]

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  • SEO Questions: Does Website Security Affect SEO?

    As cybersecurity becomes an ever-growing problem within the information era, it is crucial to protect your website as not to jeopardise user security/privacy. For websites, this can range from buying Comodo certificates to installing a full-blown bespoke iptables firewall rule(s) onto your server – don’t worry, many websites do not need to go that far. […]

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  • Can All Search Engines Index JavaScript Content?

    JavaScript has become one of the more complex topics in SEO, with the understanding of how it affects search performance seemingly varying between SEOs. However, understanding JavaScript and how search engines handle it has never been more important with more websites and webpages relying on it for crucial content elements and internal linking. Understanding JavaScript basics is a good […]

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