Including company news, as well as industry news, find out all there is to know about SALT.agency’s place within the SEO industry. From competition and award wins, through to charity news and other insights, take a look through our news pieces right here.

  • An SEO industry analysis of The UK online fashion industry

    2020 is now known as the year that revolutionised eCommerce. Unprecedented lockdowns and social distancing drove fear among masses globally for shopping in physical stores. Consumers switched to online shopping, which was a safe, fast and convenient way to purchase items. This change in buyer behaviours made online fashion businesses compete to succeed online, trying […]

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  • Pete Watson-Wailes hired as Operations Manager for SALT.agency

    SALT.agency is pleased to announce the hiring of Pete Watson-Wailes in a brand new role as Operations Manager. Pete will be the company’s first Operations Manager — a new leadership role created thanks to continued growth at the technical SEO agency.  Pete will oversee the broader organization of SALT, helping to maintain and grow company […]

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  • EAT Algorithm – How to optimise your website for expertise

    With an increasing focus on importance, E-A-T is becoming a very valued aspect of any website for Google. E-A-T stands for Expertise (information about the creator), Authoritativeness (the authority of the website, content creator, and the content itself), and Trustworthiness (the trustworthiness of the website, content creator, and content). Today, we will be focusing on […]

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  • Andy Jessop promoted to Head of Content

    SALT.agency is pleased to announce Andy Jessop will be its first Head of Content. Thanks to continued growth within the agency and the content team, Andy will step up from the position of Content Strategy Manager to help expand SALT’s content offering to clients. Within his new role, he will be responsible for building out […]

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  • Dan Taylor promoted to Head of Technical SEO

    SALT.agency is pleased to announce the promotion of Dan Taylor to Head of Technical SEO. In his new role, Dan will be the go-to person for all things technical. He’ll be responsible for building frameworks for the SALT.agency team and overlooking the technical performance of all our clients. Dan has built his expert set of […]

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  • SALT.agency recognised in Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in international trade

    SALT.agency is proud to announce that it has been recognised in the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the category of international trade. Personally approved by Her Majesty The Queen, SALT’s recognition comes for outstanding short-term growth in overseas sales over the last three years. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are among the most prestigious business awards […]

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  • Interplanetary SEO services announced

    Technical SEO agency, SALT.agency, has announced interplanetary SEO services as part of a broadened package to prepare its clients for the online world of tomorrow. With space travel only years away, the agency has taken the first step in intergalactic digital marketing by launching a range of stellar interplanetary services, including: HREFPLANG troubleshooting & mapping […]

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  • Baidu SEO: Baidu’s content quality guidelines

    As SEOs, we’ve become acquainted with the countless Google updates for content, with E-A-T, Penguin, and RankBrain among others making a huge impact on SERPs.  Baidu, on the other hand, can be daunting for SEOs optimizing for China due to having a completely different ecosystem to Google. Ziyuan (meaning ‘resource’) is Baidu’s official content hub […]

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  • How to perform actionable SEO Competitor Analysis

    With daily keyword ranking changes and forever evolving search engine algorithms, it’s difficult to maintain a constant overview of your business’ digital presence against competitors. Add to that the recent world events of the past few years, leading to significant demand for greater digital exposure for all industries, now is the perfect time to understand […]

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