is pleased to announce that it’s now an official industry and course partner with the Fashion Retail Academy.

Offering diverse courses, the London-based academy provides hands-on training and industry-relevant knowledge.

With a strong emphasis on creativity and practical skills, the academy equips students with the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of fashion retail.

The agency, which specialises in fashion SEO, plans to educate and guide students on the importance of SEO, content, and data within the fashion retail industry.

Thierry, SALT’s project lead, is providing a variety of talks over the course of the academic year open to all degree types, drawing from his experience working with top brands such as M&S, Boohoo, Liberty London, Matalan, Sole Supplier, Missguided, Nasty Gal, and Pretty Little Thing.

To kick off the partnership, Thierry sat down with students in early October, providing insights on how the fashion industry uses data, what insight it provides, and how the future of data analytics can change and shape the sector.

Leading videographer Leah Coulson filmed the session as Thierry explained how he has helped propel top brands to the forefront of consumer awareness.

Thierry said about the partnership: “It’s an honour and personal pleasure to provide some of the UK’s brightest fashion students with insights and experiences gained through working with some of the best-known fashion brands.

He continued: “The Fashion Retail Academy is one of the most esteemed fashion institutions in the world, and I look forward to a long and rewarding partnership. At SALT, we understand that the gap between education and industry has been widening over the years, and we see it as our mission to help the grassroots development of future industry talent with this partnership.”

Monika Dobrodziejute, Industry Development Coordinator at the academy, said: “We’re so lucky to have Thierry and SALT onboard. The team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in SEO, content, data PR, and analytics, stretching from industry best practices to innovation in the eCommerce and fashion space — in trend tracking and predictive analytics. We’re excited for our students to absorb and apply this knowledge.”