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Our agency consists of a crack team of SEO consultants, and we provide services to help grow eCommerce businesses in organic search. It’s that simple.

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What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce search engine optimisation impacts the organic (non-paid) search visibility of a website to positively influence the number of products sold online. SEO for eCommerce brands includes optimising websites for a variety of on-page and off-page factors, these can include:

  • Creating a robust website architecture.
  • Implementing facet navigation best practice.
  • Applying image SEO best practices.
  • Providing a fast and frictionless shopping experience across multiple devices.
  • Gaining links from a variety of relevant and trusted sources.

The days of putting keywords on a page and pointing backlinks at them have been gone for a long time — SEO for eCommerce is about optimisation, not manipulation.

eCommerce SEO growth strategy planning

Following our core values — collaborative, integrity, empowering, agile, caring, and innovative — we work to improve SEO strategies and implementation for eCommerce websites by following several key steps:

  1. Understanding your business needs
    When planning any eCommerce growth campaign, one key aspect covered during the scoping meeting is understanding what drives commercial value and how this can be further grown through the organic channel.
  2. Uncovering the biggest opportunities
    By discussing which areas of a site currently provide the core monetary value, we then work backwards to understand how these areas are being found — hence where our initial short-term opportunity lies.
  3. Delivering data-driven SEO activities
    Our ecommerce SEO experts work with internally developed frameworks that allow us to use real-time data and make real-time data-led decisions directly linked to commercial value. The result is a growth campaign that evolves monthly and continually, ensuring all SEO activity centres around maximising monetary impact.

We team up with our clients to deliver the highest quality recommendations tailored to the business needs and aspirations.

Why invest in ecommerce SEO?

It’s no secret that by ranking higher in Google organic search results, online shops can gain more traffic, and revenue. Even with ever-increasing paid search ads, people who use search engines click more on unpaid search results than paid search listings.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Our SEO agency offers a variety of eCommerce SEO services that are specially tailored to improve your site’s natural search engine visibility, and enhance the user’s shopping experience.

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Client Reviews

  • Jake

    The team at SALT.agency were great to work with. I had a project in rebuilding a brand after a relatively damaging corporate crisis. Dan and the team were fantastic resources in their SEO expertise in building a strategy as well as the technical details related to migration to a new website as part of a larger branding effort. I cannot recommend this team highly enough!

  • Anonymous

    We chose to work with SALT to enable a smooth international website migration. With the goal in mind to mitigate ranking and organic search traffic loss, the team at SALT carefully walked us through how to implement the necessary setup and monitored our performance throughout the process. The results were great and now we’re in a strong position to move into new markets and excel in our search goals!

  • Anonymous

    SALT has been a great agency to work with for our SEO efforts. They’ve been very helpful in ensuring we increase our efforts, find the best opportunities, and optimise our website and content in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that will always have your back and help you towards your growth goals.

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