While the popularity of ecommerce platforms rises and falls, the foundations of good technical SEO for ecommerce websites stays the same.

It is said that Napoleon used the phrase “a nation of shopkeepers” to once describe England in the 18th century, and while this may or may not be accurate, it is certainly true that in the past 20 years, the UK has become addicted to using the internet for commercial transactions.

However it’s one thing to have a shop, but it’s quite another to get foot-fall, or traffic to it. While brand awareness is very important for any ecommerce operation, ultimately one of the most efficient and necessary ways to drive sales is through search marketing.

There are several different specialisms within the field, but regardless whether paid search plays a part of it ecommerce, SEO is critical to the success of any holistic marketing campaign.

People trust organic search

The truth is that there are many people who use search engines without ever clicking on the paid search listings. This means that ranking in organic search during the buying cycle is not only more important, but fundamental for Ecommerce companies.

What is ecommerce SEO?

The days of putting keywords on a page and pointing backlinks at them have been gone for a long time; SEO for ecommerce is about optimisation, not manipulation.

The only way to achieve this is to understand and optimise for both search engines & people by:

  • Using analytics data to identify user goals & optimise the user experience
  • Producing content to aid the buying cycle (and not just trying to capture traffic)
  • Optimising technology and platforms for cross device marketing
  • Understanding the pitfalls of organic search algorithms

SEO consultancy for ecommerce

We’ve been working in Ecommerce SEO for years, here are some platforms the team have worked with:

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