It is intended to be used as an application for someone who isn’t a developer, or someone who may not have a lot of technical knowledge.

Magento 1 strengths

Widely regarded as one of the most versatile platforms available, it is self-hosted and is championed for its large developer community – meaning that technical support is always at hand.

With a range of built-in features within the Enterprise level, the platform offers powerful tools and capabilities for marketing, insight and customer experience – including SEO.

Featuring one of the largest range of modules and integrations, the platform is mobile-friendly, and allows access from a range of devices.

Viewed as one of the more user-friendly ecommerce platforms, Magento allows easy-to-use advanced stock management, configurable products and types, and visual merchandising that is both manual and automatic.

Being able to reward loyal customers with perks such as customer privilege points is also a bonus for many stores.

Magento 1 weaknesses

Despite its agility across platforms and ease of use for both store owners and customers, Magento has been criticised for slowing down sites, leading to poor performance – despite some SEO fixes in the newer Magento 2.

Additionally, Magento utilises PHP, which can result in an overconsumption of much-needed gigabytes throughout its running processes.

Magento has also been noted to provoke duplication issues upon installation, although it’s worth noting that this can soon be cleaned-up with the correct application of plugins and appropriate configurations.

It can also be one of the most challenging ecommerce platforms from an SEO perspective, thanks to its rewrite engine and reliance on dynamic content. That said, many of the issues can be easily resolved, though some of them will require development.

The platform is also considered to be a tad on the expensive side, costing more than many of its competitors. With that in mind however, a good utilisation of its features and plugins can make the extra expense worthwhile.

What it supports and integrates

As stated above, one of the many benefits of Magento is that it is so integratable and is used by hundreds of software providers.

Some of the primary ones include:

  • Sage
  • DHL
  • WorldPlay
  • Zendesk
  • Sales Force
  • MailChimp
  • Paypal

How can help

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