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Welcome to GSCSQLHero, a powerful tool designed to help you generate Google Search Console SQL queries for BigQuery with ease! Our tool uses OpenAI’s code-davinci-002 to generate SQL queries based on natural language guidelines written to match Google’s GSC Export guidelines for the exports that happen from GSC onto BigQuery.

With GSCSQLHero, you no longer need to struggle with manually creating complex SQL queries to extract data from Google Search Console. Our tool simplifies the process by allowing you to input natural language queries, and automatically generates the corresponding SQL query.

GSCSQLHero is user-friendly and efficient, making it the perfect solution for digital marketers, SEO specialists, and data analysts looking to extract valuable insights from Google Search Console data.

Whether you’re looking to extract data on impressions, clicks, or click-through rates and have complex requests that combine, countries, comparisons, devices and keywords, GSCSQLHero has got you covered.

* To obtain your own OpenAI API key, signup for an account at OpenAI and generate a key in user settings