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Migrating your website can be scary. Losing traffic, sales, and revenue from organic search can result from a poor migration — don’t let your site fall victim.

As an experienced SEO migration agency, we know prevention is better than cure. Allow SALT to help you change your website easily with zero downtime.

Enjoy a seamless migration with no traffic loss

What do SEO website migrations cover?

As a trusted website migration agency, SALT can help you minimise potential losses in search engine traffic and rankings when moving to a new site.

We start by creating technical SEO specifications to ensure a smooth transition. This helps embed good SEO practices into your website from the get-go.

We’ll then conduct a tech audit of the new site before it launches to help catch any issues.

Monitoring keyword rankings before and after the migration lets us spot any critical drops and address them promptly.

Our dedicated SEO website migration consultants will also set up and configure crucial search engine tools.

This enables us to oversee the project from an SEO perspective and highlights where your traffic and revenue come from on the new site.

However, you’ll need to ensure the migration is done to SEO best practices, takes advantage of the latest technologies, has a good design, and considers user experience (UX).

Why work with SALT?

Many design and development agencies lack the necessary specialist knowledge, skills, and time to carry out a risk-free SEO website migration to maintain (let alone grow) your organic traffic.

SALT’s expert SEO team have the resources to cover all the technical bases to migrate your site without organic search losses.

We’ll even deliver post-migration performance analysis and recommend the next steps that help further elevate your figures.

Our Website Migration Services

Many website migrations need specialist technical SEO support. The SALT team can help migrate a website to lessen the impact on organic visibility and business revenue. Our website migration SEO services combine our knowledge of technical SEO and site migrations for a seamless, confident switch.

Domain Migrations

When transitioning domains, we offer end-to-end services to make sure your changeover is straightforward for end-users and search engines alike.

This includes coordinating domain registrar handovers, configuring DNS settings properly, setting up 301 redirects from old to new domains, and managing anything search engine or traffic-related.

The process is complex, but our team makes it simple.

Platform Migrations

Transitioning websites across platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce can throw up technical and SEO risks. Our optimisation experts help alleviate these worries.

We audit your site pre and post-migration, configure the settings to keep your search performance, import all content successfully to the new platform, and continuously monitor your site to catch any problems quickly.

A platform migration is when you need SEO support the most — allow us to guide you.

Server & Hosting Migrations

Avoiding downtime is key when moving web hosting providers or servers. Our SEO migration services prevent any indexing issues while properly redirecting your traffic.

By working closely with your IT team, we eliminate technical SEO snags, ensure continuous search visibility during the switchover, and minimise user experience disruptions.

Mobile Site Migrations

It’s hard to keep hold of your hard-earned SEO equity when building a new mobile site or application.

Through proper redirects, structured data markup, accelerated mobile pages, and applying responsive design from the start, SALT helps futureproof your mobile migrations. Enjoy long-term success across all devices.

Even the tiniest technical oversight can tank your mobile search visibility when not managed carefully. That’s why SALT never takes any shortcuts when it comes to our SEO website migration services.

URL Structure Migrations

Implementing new URL structures means avoiding broken links and lost page authority. Our services include auditing your link equity distribution, setting up 301 redirects, using robots.txt, and checking your pages’ indexing status after migration.

Any URL structure changes also require you to create new XML sitemaps. Our holistic approach to website migrations helps you maintain rankings and traffic flow during these essential adjustments.

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  • Jake

    The team at were great to work with. I had a project in rebuilding a brand after a relatively damaging corporate crisis. Dan and the team were fantastic resources in their SEO expertise in building a strategy as well as the technical details related to migration to a new website as part of a larger branding effort. I cannot recommend this team highly enough!

  • Anonymous

    We chose to work with SALT to enable a smooth international website migration. With the goal in mind to mitigate ranking and organic search traffic loss, the team at SALT carefully walked us through how to implement the necessary setup and monitored our performance throughout the process. The results were great and now we’re in a strong position to move into new markets and excel in our search goals!

  • Anonymous

    SALT has been a great agency to work with for our SEO efforts. They’ve been very helpful in ensuring we increase our efforts, find the best opportunities, and optimise our website and content in the most efficient manner. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an agency that will always have your back and help you towards your growth goals.

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