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  • An Objective Look At Google News: Is It Really Biased?

    Recent revelations have shown that the United States Government is looking into regulating Google search results in response to publicly tweeted claims from Donald Trump. In them, he stated that search results were displaying articles that were biased against him. In particular, he highlighted results showing within Google News: Roger Montti has done a great […]

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  • Google launches URL inspection tool

    On June 25, writing in the Google Webmaster Central Blog, Search Console Engineers announced a brand-new URL inspection tool that has been added to the new Search Console. Webmasters have been requesting more information on how Google Search sees a specific URL and this query has now been answered. The tool provides detailed information on […]

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  • JavaScript for the modern web and good user experience

    TLDR JavaScript helps us enhance user experience. JavaScript runs on user devices — but we shouldn’t abuse their power. Ship only necessary JavaScript and as little as possible. SEO & JavaScript boils down to prerendering, and then you are left with HTML. A user should be able to interact with UI when they see it, so […]

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  • A guide to planning downtime for your website

    This guide is to help those who want to make sure their website downtime does not impact on their organic search performance: What is website downtime? The term downtime refers to a period of time when a website is unavailable or offline. Although it is common for downtime to be a planned event for routine […]

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  • React SEO, Universal JavaScript – Part 1

    TL;DR Websites that are built using React.JS are perfectly SEO-friendly when built correctly. If you are going to build a website that renders the front-end using React.JS, then make sure you render the first version before serving it to the search engines. It is no news to anyone that old browsers which can’t render the […]

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