• SEO tips for the financial services sector

    When it comes to SEO for banks and financial services, it’s all about trust. Users are putting their money in your hands, so it’s vital you build a high level of confidence and reassurance with your audience by providing a site that delivers exactly what the user requires from your services. Trust is also a […]

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  • How to audit for accessibility issues

    Accessibility in SEO has become a very trendy topic of late.   While it’s thrilling to see this, we’re unfortunately noticing a lot of talk about accessibility and not many implementations. This is frustrating to see, as many of the best practices in creating an accessible site will also help your SEO efforts. It really […]

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  • What is faceted navigation?

    Faceted navigation allows users to navigate a website and find specific product subcategories on an eCommerce website. Faceted navigation, also called a “filter”, improves user experience and the customer journey. This is because users can easily access the expected product within one to two clicks.  Below is an example of faceted navigation: Each box represents […]

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  • 4 benefits customer reviews have on SEO

    For many years, companies believed black hat techniques and high volumes of content that can be viewed as spammy and low quality was the best approach for improving organic search performance. However, Google and other search engines have now evolved to such an extent that they now understand the impact they have on individuals and […]

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  • How to grow your SEO growth strategy

    In this post, I want to explore the core foundations that make up a good growth strategy and its impact when these aspects align. The core principle in any growth strategy is ‘growth’, which to achieve, means ongoing planning, analysis, and the execution of all available SEO activities. I will explore what these core activities […]

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