Author: Sean Barber

  • Tips for Planning an eCommerce store architecture

    Once you’ve chosen the platform and CMS for your eCommerce website, the architecture is the first obstacle you’ll need to overcome as you start to build up the foundations. Because of this, you must design a well thought out, long-lasting structure that gives you the best possible opportunity of ranking successfully in search engine results. […]

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  • The ultimate guide to website authority

    Website authority is a measure of how highly regarded your website is in the digital eyes of the search engine robots. Generally speaking, sites that are perceived as being more authoritative tend to rank more highly than brand new or low-quality sites that have no positive reputation as yet. Improving your website authority can be […]

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  • How to successfully maintain SEO during a website rebrand

    Rebranding a website can be an exciting task for any business, but it also carries a variety of risks to a website’s organic visibility and overall performance. A rebrand can range from a simple domain change to a complete overhaul in brand, website design and website architecture, which require comprehensive analysis and a logical migration […]

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  • SEO Questions: Does Website Security Affect SEO?

    As cybersecurity becomes an ever-growing problem within the information era, it is crucial to protect your website as not to jeopardise user security/privacy. For websites, this can range from buying Comodo certificates to installing a full-blown bespoke iptables firewall rule(s) onto your server – don’t worry, many websites do not need to go that far. […]

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  • A deep dive to understanding HTTP status codes

    HTTP response codes are short three-digit messages sent from a web server to your browser each time you request the loading of a new page. The response code indicates to both search engines and users what the current condition of the web-page is and what content can be expected from the page. Response codes are […]

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  • Search trends to consider in 2019

    Last year witnessed several key updates to Google’s algorithms, which included the mobile first index roll out, the mobile speed update and the Chrome security update. As part of the role of a technical SEO, it’s important to identify when these updates occur, and to find the best course of action to keep our sites […]

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