Local SEO

Local SEO is an incredibly important component of search for small business owners and start ups. Find out some of our best top tips from guides written from one of the most dedicated SEO agencies in the UK.

  • Industry analysis – US Liquor Stores

    Buyers are no longer depending as heavily on visiting the supermarket or convenience store to purchase alcohol. Instead, there is an increased desire to buy drinks online and avoid traveling to and from the store. Buying alcohol online saves time and makes it easier to browse the available choice of products.We will be assessing who […]

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  • Optimising your Website for Local Landing Pages

    For many businesses, having an online presence is crucial, as long as you are optimising your website to reach the intended audience. For businesses that operate online – or where the location is not a deciding factor in influencing a purchase decision – optimising your website to reflect this will help you reach the largest […]

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  • A Complete Guide to Google Maps Marketing

    Google Maps marketing – and the way your business appears on Google Maps in general – is increasingly important as mobile and location-based searches continue to grow in number. If you have a bricks-and-mortar business, an optimised Google Maps listing is essential to provide accurate information to nearby customers, who might prefer to shop locally […]

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  • Guide: Local SEO Landing Pages

    Local SEO is the process of improving technical, content, and offsite factors with a focus on locality to improve rankings in specific areas. One thing that can be used to significantly help this is creating (or optimising) local landing pages. Local landing pages are simply (commercial) webpages with local intent. This means that the page […]

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  • Getting to grips with hyperlocal SEO

    Hyperlocal marketing is here to stay, but it’s a term that has been bandied about for around two years now, as anyone working in digital will know. Although hyperlocal marketing has been around far longer in print and on the radio, thanks to mobile technology, it’s only now coming into its own online. For those […]

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  • What could Google Home Service Ads mean for SEO?

    Last June at SMX, Google announced that the future ‘3 Pack’ would be made up of two organic listings and one sponsored listing, however, Google has recently been testing its new, ad express powered, product in the San Francisco Bay area and it looks like that all of the ‘3 Pack’ are in fact sponsored […]

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  • How the Google Possum update will change local SEO

    TL;DR: Google has shaken up how local search works, meaning that businesses that aren’t geographically in the city centres now have more of a chance of appearing in the Map Pack than they did previously. The search engine has also placed greater importance on a user’s physical location, and businesses that share the same address are now […]

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  • Achieving local search success in 2016

    This post has been written for companies who want to improve their website’s local performance, whether it be independent stores with an established brick and mortar store, or a national company with a number of branches. Caveat: There are many more factors that will contribute to your local SEO success, however these are some top […]

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