Author: Patrick Wareing

  • How to Approach SEO for Healthcare Websites

    Healthcare is the encompassing term that generally focuses on maintaining or improving your health. Because of this, it means that the term is quite broad, as it can include prevention, diagnostics, cure, or recovery of both physical and mental injury. This means that the number of business opportunities within the sector is massive. From an […]

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  • Why FMCG brands need to take SEO Seriously

    FMCGs are complex businesses. They produce a high volume of products for a range of different brands. As such, the launch of a new product passes through many internal functions; R&D, marketing supply chain, logistics, etc. On the face of it, it appears that these businesses are experts are rapidly developing and releasing new products […]

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  • SEO Considerations when using a Headless CMS

    ‘Traditional’ or ‘coupled’ – as they are commonly referred to – are the terms used to describe a CMS utilising a combined frontend and backend. As such, all aspects of the website, including content storage, content creation, design, and how content is displayed on devices is managed from one central place. There are advantages and […]

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  • Five rich snippet strategies for ecommerce sites

    With Christmas just a couple of months away, many businesses are planning dedicated promotions and sales events in an effort to maximise their revenues over the next quarter. Dedicated events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Boxing Day sales are some of the busiest days for ecommerce, yet you can’t just turn up […]

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