• Tips for Planning an eCommerce store architecture

    Once you’ve chosen the platform and CMS for your eCommerce website, the architecture is the first obstacle you’ll need to overcome as you start to build up the foundations. Because of this, you must design a well thought out, long-lasting structure that gives you the best possible opportunity of ranking successfully in search engine results. […]

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  • Five ways to optimise your SEO for January Sales

    2020 has provided various curveballs for businesses and has made it extremely important for companies to have an online presence with an eCommerce website. With the new year looming, the likelihood of being able to take advantage of the high street sales are potentially in limbo, which is why eCommerce SEO is paramount. Here are […]

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  • How to maximise the customer journey in eCommerce

    The eCommerce customer journey does not start when somebody arrives at your website and does not end when they buy your products or services.In fact, the start of that journey can happen long before they ever visit your site and can continue through the delivery and returns process, and into subsequent orders from the same […]

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  • 5 tips on starting your Fashion eCommerce website

    Online fashion always has, and always will be, a rapidly changing industry. With new trends consistently emerging and having a broad and substantial audience to target, it can be challenging to keep on top of the game. Although it can be challenging to meet the needs of fashion customers, there are many opportunities available due […]

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  • Five rich snippet strategies for ecommerce sites

    With Christmas just a couple of months away, many businesses are planning dedicated promotions and sales events in an effort to maximise their revenues over the next quarter. Dedicated events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Boxing Day sales are some of the busiest days for ecommerce, yet you can’t just turn up […]

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  • Preparing your eCommerce site for the January sales

    When entering such a busy time, your website must perform to the best of its ability to cope with the additional user demand. As well as being optimised to provide the best user experiences, the site needs to be as competitive as possible against Google Shopping and major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. While […]

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