Author: Keira Davidson

  • HTML Sitemaps: What are they and who should have one?

    What is a HTML sitemap? A HTML sitemap is a table of content that describes every page of the site. It is a well-organized and logically ordered list of web pages, each with an internal link pointing to a specific location that can be accessed by clicking on an internal link, usually named ‘sitemap’, which […]

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  • An Introduction To JavaScript SEO

    What is JavaScript SEO? JavaScript SEO is how you optimize a website’s Javascript for search engines to prevent the programming language scripts from hampering the organic performance of the site.  JavaScript is a program that is popular among developers as it allows them to be exceptionally creative when building interactive web pages.  However, if you […]

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  • Industry analysis – US golf eCommerce

    With most sports, you often find the player blaming their equipment for poor performance, which fuels them to overhaul their kit instead of finding the root cause of what’s wrong. The way people buy golfing products such as power caddies and irons has considerably changed over the years in the US. They’re no longer heavily […]

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  • Five ways to optimise your SEO for January Sales

    2020 has provided various curveballs for businesses and has made it extremely important for companies to have an online presence with an eCommerce website. With the new year looming, the likelihood of being able to take advantage of the high street sales are potentially in limbo, which is why eCommerce SEO is paramount. Here are […]

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