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Backed and underpinned by technical prowess, we provide content strategies that help business understand, refine, and evolve their content strategy to ensure that they cater to the complex and ever evolving requirements of search engines.

Content strategies with a difference

No website can function without content, and with SALT.agency’s deep dive technical content audit, we can provide you with a bespoke content framework that not only provides guidance for improvement, but a strategy that clarifies the necessary steps for success.

Why invest in a technical content strategy?

Whether you’re an ecommerce site in need of conversions, or a publisher yearning for high quality traffic. SALT.agency will provide you with a comprehensive content strategy in-line with the very latest technical insight to provide the content framework you need for success within search engines.

Over the past few years we’ve seen content become an integral element of technical SEO. With the significant advancements of algorithms and artificial intelligence used to judge websites, creating and fine-tuning specific types of content is an integral step for the longevity of all sites.

This is why we encourage any business to invest in a comprehensive and technically backed content analysis in addition to technical SEO in order achieve maximum impact.

Our content strategy services

Like any other part of SEO, there’s no one-size-fits-all model for content strategy, which is why we provide bespoke services based on your individual needs and requirements. We deploy specialist content frameworks based on industry verticals and competition backed by years of ongoing R&D.

Deep dive content audits

Incorporating hundreds of factors, we are able to carry out a strategic audit that inspects both commercial and supporting content so that we can provide you with key insights so that you can develop and implement a content campaign that drives success.

Strategic guidance and knowledge transfer

For those with inhouse teams, we can provide peerless strategic guidance and training to help your team flesh out a thorough and technically proficient content campaign that replicates exactly what search engines deem as high quality and user friendly.

Comprehensive content calendars

With an eye on the future, including seasonal trends and industry fluctuations, we can provide you with a comprehensive and creative content calendar for supporting content and content marketing purposes; all backed up by hard data.

Expert content writing

With expert writers at hand, we can provide you with engaging and technically focused content for both commercial and supporting content. Whether you’re in need of landing page content, or content for marketing purposes, we have the creativity and knowledge required for impactful content writing.

Multilingual translation and writing

Over the past five years, we've worked with businesses from across the world, and can provide clear, clinical, and impactful copy, written in a variety of languages. Our technical team has years of experience in international SEO, so we know the importance of catering to regional audiences.

Client Reviews

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    Johnny Mobasher

    Martin is the most knowledgeable and industry trustworthy SEO expert that I have had the pleasure of working with, who ultimately and ‘single-handedly’ managed to remove our Google penalties inflicted by others, and got us back to the top of page one in Google. Highly Recommended.

  • salt-logo-header
    Robert B

    We have work with Salt for a number of years now as we both share a number of clients, I have always been impressed with the service they provide and team they have. Even through we are both marketing agencies we have always worked well together and this has resulted in giving our clients a great service.

  • salt-logo-header

    SALT agency took the search terms that are important to us to the first page on google and kept them there consistently

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Common Content Analysis & Strategy FAQs

  1. Can you cater for voice search?

    SALT.agency provides itself in looking to the future and ensuring that we prepare our clients for tomorrow's technology today. Voice search is just one of many mediums we take into account when providing a comprehensive content analysis.

  2. Can you support my existing inhouse team with content strategy and marketing?

    Over the years we’ve liaised and worked with a range of inhouse teams to help them achieve the best possible outcome from our research and analysis. We are more than happy to consult with and guide inhouse teams with content strategy and marketing.

  3. Does SALT.agency carry out keyword research and analysis?

    Yes, SALT.agency provides clients with a thorough keyword analysis report during the early stages of any technical SEO campaign.

  4. My content lacks quality, can you provide services to optimise existing copy?

    As well as carrying out our assessments, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure that our clients have both high quality and optimised content that appeals to the wants and needs of both users and search engines alike.

  5. My website lacks landing page copy, is this a service that you provide?

    At SALT.agency we have expert content writers with years of experience in technical SEO so that we can provide you, your audience, and search engines with high quality content.

  6. What does your SEO content audit cover?

    Covering both commercial and supporting content, as well as some offsite considerations, our deep dive content audit covers every imaginable nuance and element of content. From the copy itself, through to structured data and inlink architecture, we leave no stone overturned in the quest for technically excellent content.

  7. What is covered in a comprehensive content calendar?

    After carrying out extensive research of keywords, competitors, verticals, and audiences, we provide clients with an extensive content calendar that takes into account a range of factors and objectives to ensure that content is both engaging for users and appealing to search engines.

  8. I’ve already got a significant amount of content on my website, what is your approach to telling me what I’m doing wrong?

    With our deep dive technical content audit, we can identify all areas and aspects of your content that could be harming your search performance. Once our analysis is complete, we can provide you with detailed solutions on how to fix, improve, or create the content necessary for success.

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