Technical Content Audits

Content audit services are a great way to work with what you've got when conducting SEO content analysis. Any gaps identified in your website's coverage can be filled by producing fresh search-optimised content.

A comprehensive content audit leaves no page unturned in the process of building an overall picture of your site’s SEO content. Think of it like a three-dimensional sitemap that maps your site's structure and content.

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What is a content audit?

SALT’s SEO content audit service is a deep dive into the fabric of your website — analysing your commercial and supporting pages for a complete assessment of your content.

Our content audit consultants check for a plethora of ranking and performance factors. As a content audit agency backed by years of original research, our SEO content analysis is built on an intimate understanding of the web marketing business as well as the direct experience of our SEO consultants.

In most cases, our content audit service forms part of a broader approach to SEO content analysis and strategy. This is a precursor to optimising your website’s content and developing new SEO landing pages as part of a one-time website expansion or a continuing SEO content calendar.

Why is content important for SEO?

An SEO content analysis is a detailed assessment of hundreds of on-page factors and is at the heart of SALT's SEO content audit service. 

Your content audit consultant will build a comprehensive report of where improvements should be made, looking for ranking factors across your website.

Optimised content tells the search engines the keywords, phrases, and topics to associate with your website. Your pages can then be ranked for the most relevant (and most revenue-generating) search queries.

Our content audit services offers content audit services to suit different sizes and types of businesses in a plethora of markets and sectors.

Content audits for SaaS

Our content audit service is an essential investment for Cloud & SaaS companies, whose website will, for many customers, indicate the quality of the brand's overall offering and capabilities.

Content audits for eCommerce

eCommerce SEO has some of the most direct implications for your business's bottom line. Because eCommerce relies on online transactions, our SEO content audit service can immediately affect the number of customers you have and how much they spend.

Contents audit for international SEO

Local SEO solutions for SMEs allow you to target location SEO, mobile-first search results, and walk-in customers within a short distance your physical location. By conducting a comprehensive content audit, our analysts can identify how your content works for your local market.

Content audits for local businesses

International SEO tackles the bigger picture and can work alongside local SEO to comprehensively optimise content for multinational brands  — particularly multilingual brands.

Client Reviews

  • Rob Kingdom

    We’re entering into our 3rd year of partnership with SALT during which time they have provided us with invaluable support which commonly extends far beyond their obligations.

    This is a team so driven by their passion for SEO that they do not hesitate to go the extra mile time and time again. As we enter a new phase in the development of our website we only see more involvement for SALT in helping us achieve our goals.

  • Ali LeClerc

    Working with Reza and the SALT team was a game changer for us. From a business perspective, our website inbounds more than doubled over a period of 6 months with relevant, highly targeted traffic. Reza and the team took the time to understand our very niche, technical space to give us specific direction on web content, and the results speak for themselves. I’d recommend SALT to anyone looking for a real partner when it comes to SEO engagement – not to mention that the team is genuinely a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a continued partnership with Reza and the SALT team as long as I have SEO needs (which I’d imagine will be for a very long time).

  • Elenitsa Staykova

    SALT’s dedication to our projects and their technical know-how were superb.

    They really went the extra mile and took the time to understand our business, never applying one-size-fits-all solutions. They have added concrete and measurable value to our business.

    They are professional, confident, insightful, and keeps up-to-date with Google algorithm changes. Most importantly, they are a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

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