Content is an integral part of any SEO campaign. Catch up on the latest news, advice, and guides from the content team here at SALT.agency.

  • How to optimise images for SEO – best practices

    When people refer to website content, they often mean written copy. However, content can be anything on the page — copy, images, video, and more. A page without content is simply a blank page. More often than not, you will find an array of people discussing content optimisation and keyword usage within articles and landing […]

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  • How to create a marketing funnel

    The goal of every business is to generate leads and make a profit. You need to attract and retain customers, which can (and should) be done differently depending on who you’re targeting and when. This article will look at every stage of the marketing funnel, how you can create one, and which type of customers […]

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  • How to conduct a successful blog post audit

    The first thing to consider when starting your blog post audit is the overall quality of the content. Ask yourself — is this blog of high quality, or does this need optimizing? A good blog post should be simple to navigate, easily accessible for your marketing team (if you have one), and able to generate […]

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  • How the publishing industry uses digital marketing

    The book publishing industry is vast and varied, producing everything from best sellers to new editions of beloved classics. No matter what you like to read, publishers are the ones who get the right book to the right reader. But what steps are taken between an author writing their book to readers sifting the pages […]

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  • How to bring to life typically dry topics

    Not every topic is considered ‘interesting’. In a culture where witty words and bitesize stories top the viral charts, making your dry content stand out can seem impossible. We all understand the value of creating engaging content, but how do you achieve this when your topic is regarded as dull? What are dry topics and […]

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  • An Introduction to Content Hubs

    What is a Content Hub? A content hub is a collection of articles about a specific topic that has internal links to cluster content, which provides more information to various sections of the overall topic. A content hub and a blog are not the same. Blog posts are often about various topics, whereas a content […]

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  • What are topic clusters and why do they matter?

    Positioning yourself as a subject expert through the effective use of topic clusters is an excellent way to improve your website’s search visibility and lay the foundation for a strong internal linking framework. Adopting a topic cluster model builds authority within your specialist field by providing multiple pieces of content and generating an easier way […]

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  • How to create content for humans

    When you are writing content, one of the golden rules is remembering your audience. While it’s important to craft and fine-tune your words to satisfy Google and other search engines, your piece becomes worthless if it’s not friendly or engaging to the human eye. Any SEO specialist will tell you the primary focus of your […]

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  • How to define your tone of voice

    Every brand needs to define its unique tone of voice. For many, it acts as the face of your organisation. Tone of voice entices potential customers and indicates the ‘personality’ of your company within the first few sentences of any post. Harnessing a tone of voice is important no matter the nature of your business. […]

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