Author: Andrew Jessop

  • Bing makes improvements for maps-related searches in UK

    Microsoft announced that it is unrolling a series of improvements for map-related searches in the UK. Although not exactly ground-breaking, as the features have been featured in Google Maps for a number of years, Bing users will be glad to know that they can now take advantage of the new additions. Possibly the most useful feature for users, […]

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  • Why retailers should take digital transformation seriously

    In a recent study by Oxford Economics, it was revealed that only 3 per cent of retailers have completed digital transformation projects. This is despite 93 per cent of online shoppers making purchases at stores based in the UK in 2017. What’s more, out of those that have started investing in digital transformation, 22 per […]

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  • Image optimisation — a quick guide to best practice

    More often than not, you will find an array of people discussing content optimisation, and the use of keywords within articles and landing pages, but as image search is becoming increasingly prevalent, as discussed in an earlier article, image optimisation should not be overlooked. With that in mind, here is SALT.agency’s guide to image optimisation: […]

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  • Google Search Console begins full beta roll out

    The Twitter SEO community is currently alight with conversation about the full rollout of the long-awaited beta Google Search Console. Seemingly now available to just about everyone, you can check your access status here. From there, check the top right of the screen, click “search properties” and view whether you are verified for the new console. […]

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  • Why page load speeds matter to business

    Ever sat for more than five seconds waiting for a page to load? If you have, you’re one of the few. A well-known and much cited piece of research by Google found that pages that take over three seconds to load will lose 40 per cent of people trying to view them. If this page happens […]

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  • SEO trends to expect in 2018

    Over the past year search has seen a range of dramatic changes taking place across the industry, with websites both large and small being affected by changes in both algorithms and accepted norms. But what should we expect to see in 2018? Mobile will almost definitely be first Google has been discussing the Mobile-First Index […]

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  • SALT.agency welcomes Adam Gent to the team

    SALT.agency is happy to announce that it has welcomed senior technical SEO specialist, Adam Gent to its growing team. With six years of experience working in some of the largest agencies in the industry, Adam specialises in technical and mobile SEO, and SALT.agency looks forward to being able to broaden its services, both at home […]

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