• JavaScript for the modern web and good user experience

    TLDR JavaScript helps us enhance user experience. JavaScript runs on user devices — but we shouldn’t abuse their power. Ship only necessary JavaScript and as little as possible. SEO & JavaScript boils down to prerendering, and then you are left with HTML. A user should be able to interact with UI when they see it, so […]

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  • Bing makes improvements for maps-related searches in UK

    Microsoft announced that it is unrolling a series of improvements for map-related searches in the UK. Although not exactly ground-breaking, as the features have been featured in Google Maps for a number of years, Bing users will be glad to know that they can now take advantage of the new additions. Possibly the most useful feature for users, […]

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  • Getting rid of keyword cannibalisation

    Everyone targets keywords, from the loftiest websites down to the very smallest. Although some people consider it a rule of thumb to target a particular keyword across the breadth of a website, this can actually be counter beneficial without the correct strategic keyword mapping. Without careful planning and consideration you can end up getting multiple […]

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  • You Can Now Register Emoji Domains 😱 😍

    Last year I wrote a piece for Social Media London, looking at how the English language has developed over the past 100 (or so) years and how Emojis are now beginning to influence our communications. This was brought on by the joy emoji (😂 ) being named as the Oxford English Dictionary 2015 Word of […]

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  • How your body can transmit your passwords

    A collective of engineers at the University of Washington’s Networks and Mobile Systems Lab have discovered a way to pass a four-digit code through human skin using everyday technology, lending itself to exciting concepts such as unlocking a door or a safe just by touching it. Sure, this could be achieved with a fingerprint sensor […]

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  • Google DeepMind to delve into NHS records

    Google has been given access to 1.6 million NHS patient records in a data-sharing agreement – as revealed by New Scientist. The records, which includes full names and patient histories, are expected to help develop early warning systems for patients at risk of developing acute kidney problems. Under the agreement, Google’s artificial intelligence division will […]

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  • What David Bowie thought of the internet in 2000

    There is no doubt that David Bowie shall be remembered as one of the greatest and most influential British artists of the 20th century. Celebrated as a visionary and pioneer in both music and visual art, it has since emerged, thanks to the unearthing of a BBC Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman, that Bowie was […]

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  • Spotify finds its feet within the music industry. Sort of.

    Thanks to new research published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, a study has concluded that Spotify is helping win the battle against digital piracy. After examining the effects of legal streaming on torrent downloads, researchers were able to conclude that for every 47 streams, the number of illegal downloads decreases by one. Launched […]

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