Author: Daniel Tierney

  • SEO Questions: What factors into website speed?

    Page speed is now a (small) factor in the mobile-first index, and therefore impacts SEO. It affects organic performance, and more importantly, user experience. Many people don’t consider speed since many websites are already in-line with modern standards. That said, it is regarded as one of the top ten SEO ranking factors. Speed is essential, […]

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  • Tips for recovering from Google Core Algorithm Updates

    Algorithm recovery has become a hot topic in recent years, ever since the search engine started to be more transparent about publicising major changes to its search ranking algorithms. Google algorithms change on a daily basis, new websites are crawled and indexed, and old pages are deleted, so some jostling of SERP rankings is inevitable. […]

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  • SEO Questions: How Are Pages Ranked In Search Engines?

    Now here’s where it gets important – what do search engines think of your content, and how will it rank? “The web is like an ever-growing library with billions of books and no central filing system”, according to Google. Search engines have many ranking factors for each query Historically, a website is judged on how […]

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  • SEO Questions: How Do Search Engines Crawl The Internet?

    Search engines use automated crawlers — also known as robots or spiders — to travel from page to page and from link to link, to collect pages that they deem high quality. Search engines frequently crawl websites, typically daily, to determine which pages should be indexed in their massive databases. Over time, search engines continue […]

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  • Local landing pages & local SEO

    Local SEO is the process of improving technical, content, and offsite factors with a focus on locality to improve rankings in specific areas. One thing that can be used to significantly help this is creating (or optimising) local landing pages. Local landing pages are simply (commercial) webpages with local intent. This means that the page […]

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  • How to optimise for voice search in 2019

    Although Voice search is a feature that we’re seeing more and more today, it was once considered by experts to be a passing novelty, which is an unfortunate fate assigned to many Google products. Within a relatively short period of time however, it goes without saying that Voice Search has made its stance as a […]

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