Author: Chris Taylor

  • Google Maps November update explained

    In the second week of November, Google significantly updated its search results containing accommodation results in Google Maps. Although Google Maps had started to show places you could book by showing prices above the business listings previously, it has now gone one step further by adding new considerations and information into this section.

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  • Why relevant content still matters

    Google confirmed suspicions last Friday that a broad core algorithm update took place on 16 April, much like the one experienced in March. Speaking on Twitter, the Google SearchLiasion, said: “On Monday, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we routinely do throughout the year.” As a result, some sites will have seen fluctuations […]

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  • How does the role of offsite campaigns support search in 2018?

    Over the course of the last year, I’ve explained many aspects of offsite SEO. In particular these areas are: Understanding the scalability of offsite SEO Tools and platforms Creating and developing relationships How to monitor coverage on an offsite campaign The next aspect of the series is to understand how offsite SEO supports the role […]

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  • How to create and develop relationships for your offsite campaigns

    As part of my series on various offsite SEO subjects, my recent blogposts on understanding the scalability of offsite tactics, which tools and platforms I would recommend, and how to monitor an offsite seo campaign build towards the below blogpost on creating, developing, and maintaining relationships. There are many ways to manage your relationships effectively, whether […]

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  • How to monitor coverage on an offsite campaign

    Next up in my series of offsite focused blog posts I will explain how to monitor coverage for any offsite campaign using a number of different tools. The list of tools covers both free and paid, which will help a range of businesses, from multinational, to locally based brands. What services can you use? As […]

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  • Understanding the scalability of offsite SEO

    Through the years SEO has changed considerably, in particular the tactics used by individuals in order to gain media coverage for particular links. By nature the SEO industry is one that focuses on links as they are part of hundreds of key ranking factors. There are many tactics available in order to earn links, both […]

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