Technical SEO agency,, has announced interplanetary SEO services as part of a broadened package to prepare its clients for the online world of tomorrow.

With space travel only years away, the agency has taken the first step in intergalactic digital marketing by launching a range of stellar interplanetary services, including:

  • HREFPLANG troubleshooting & mapping
  • Interplanetary CDN configurations
  • Cross-planet session tracking in AG4
  • Galactic content translations
  • Klingon SEO services

Using an interplanetary delay tolerance network (DTN), otherwise known as “space WiFi”, the agency will help its clients navigate the complex world of light-speed delay.

The network will carry small payloads between Earth and its natural favourite satellite, meaning that users will experience an internet speed delay similar only to that of early 2000s cellular networks.

To support the agency’s footing in outer space, the company has purchased a plot of Moon land ahead of its lunar office location.

The new base will allow SALT to service businesses with advanced Martian and Lunar operations.

How does intergelactic SEO work?

Intergelactic SEO has taken SALT aeons to research, develop, and roll out:


HREFPLANG mapping expands the principles of Hreflang and takes into account a user’s galactical positioning so that content is served in the appropriate location.

Interplanetary CND configurations

TTFB and server responsiveness can play a critical role in the overall user experience of websites and impact both rankings and conversion. Interplanetary CDB configurations ensure high-quality delivery of content to all users.

Cross-planet session tracking in AG4

With Google Analytics (Universal and 360) reaching the end of life in 2023, SALT’s intergalactic services will ensure AG4 configurations are futureproofed for handling interplanetary traffic.

Galactic content translations

SALT’s content experts can help translate content for speakers of: Galactic Basic Standard, Binary (Droidspeak), Bocce, Bothese, Catharese, Cheunh, Dosh, Ewokese, Gamorrese, Yorkshire, Geonosian, Hapan, High Galactic, Huttese, Jawaese, Kaleesh, Kaminoan, Mando’a, Old Corellian, Pak Pak, Rodese, Sullustese, Tarc, Torguti, Twi’leki, Tusken, and Yuuzhan Vong.

Klingon SEO services spent years fine-tuning what works for Qo’noS companies to produce improved digital marketing results for businesses in reaching new warp-capable civilizations.

Dan Taylor, Intergalactic Head of Research, Dan Taylor said:
“We’re constantly pushing new boundaries as an agency, and releasing intergalactic SEO services could only be our next step. I look forward to seeing where we can go in the next five or ten years. We’re already cyborgs. Your phone and your computer are extensions of you, but the interface is through finger movements or speech, which are very slow.”

Reza Moaianidin, Earth-Based Technical Director and co-founder, said:
“A lot of agencies talk about going to the moon, but we’re already there. I really look forward to working with international space agencies so we can discuss their technical SEO requirements. Astronauts need to shop too, and we’re happy to support that need. It’s fair to say this is one small step for SALT, but one giant leap for digital marketing.”

Martin Woods, Earth-Based SEO Director, said:
“Having developed an international reputation as the go-to technical SEO specialists on planet Earth, the obvious way to further our offering is to expand our operations for intergalactic audiences. I know I speak for everyone at SALT when I say we can’t wait to work on some exciting new projects, especially if they are in yet unknown languages.”