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Technical SEO for interplanetary websites and businesses, helping them maximise the potential reach of the website and serving the right content to users based on planet, language, and region.

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What is Interplanetary SEO?

Interplanetary SEO is the next evolution of international SEO and focuses on the technical setup and content value propositions for users are deliverable (and accurate) depending on the user location (country, continent, planet).

Technical SEO and the interplanetary user experience will be a key consideration in the decades to come, as operating a form of “space WiFi”, or interplanetary DTN (delay tolerance network) will mean we have to adapt and change how our websites and applications currently work to accommodate non-Earth based users.

A good example of this being Page Speed. It takes 1.26 seconds for light to travel between the Earth and the Moon, and early interplanetary computer networks will very likely not be operating at those speeds. The network will also likely only be able to carry small data payloads, meaning the web experience being relayed between the Earth and the Moon may be similar to the early Wireless Application Protocol (cellular internet) that we enjoyed in the 2000s.

This is why at SALT we’re already looking forward to the next evolution of the internet and the digital customer experience, and the questions and conversations that companies need to be having now, to be prepared for the online world of tomorrow.

Lunar Office Location

Some agencies talk about reaching for the stars, well, we've gone there! is proud to unveil plans for our newest office location, on the Moon.

Our new Lunar base will allow us to effectively service businesses with advanced Lunar and Martian operations, as well as those with remote offices in the Earth's exosphere.

The SALT Lunar office is located at 20°N 34°W,

HrefPlang Mapping

HrefPlang is the next stage in user targeting, expanding on the Terran principles of Hreflang, HrefPlang also takes into account the user's locale (Earth, Moon, Mars, Europa...) so that content is served to the right users in the right location.

This is where Hreflang needs to be expanded to include a new ISO standard for the celestial body, and subregions. This is where HrefPlang comes in to accompany Hreflang, as it helps search engines determine the difference between an international Terran website, and an interplanetary website and serves content better.

For example, a hotel chain with resorts on both Earth and the Moon would implement HTML, XML sitemap, or HTTP header targeting such as:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hrefPlang="en-us-terra" />

<link rel="alternate" href="" hrefPlang="en-luna" />

Or if they have multiple resorts on the Moon, such as a resort in the Baade crater, and another in the Ampère Mountain, the mapping would look like this:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hrefPlang="en-us-terra" />

<link rel="alternate" href="" hrefPlang="en-luna-vbaade" />

<link rel="alternate" href="" hrefPlang="en-luna-mampere" />

Through correct HrefPlang implementation, and following the existing Hreflang guidelines, you can ensure that searchers are finding the right information, and making happier user journeys.

Milky Way SEO

As technology continues to advance, as do the needs and wants of consumers, and companies need to continue developing new products and services to meet these needs.

We know that as some consumers are looking towards the metaverse with more Earthly desires, other companies (and consumers) are already looking to the stars, whether it's commercial space flights or laying the foundations for the first resorts on the moon.

At SALT, we're an SEO agency always thinking ahead of the curve and how we can support both today and tomorrow.

Interplanetary SEO Services

HrefPlang Troubleshooting & Mapping

It can be challenging to implement the HrefPlang attribute correctly on multilingual and multi-planetary websites. Our expert team can help you integrate the HrefPlang framework into your existing website structure, including integrating with your existing Hreflang mapping.

Interplanetary CDN Configurations

TTFB and server responsiveness can play a critical role in the overall user experience of your website, and impact both rankings and conversion. Ensuring your CDNs (and caching) layers are configured correctly to improve content delivery for all users.

Cross-Planet Session Tracking in GA4

With Google Analytics (Universal and 360) reaching the end of life in 2023, its important to make sure that your GA4 configuration is futureproofed for handling interplanetary traffic.

Klingon SEO Services

No guesswork. We’ve spent years fine-tuning what works for Qo'noS companies so we can produce great digital marketing results for businesses in reaching new warp-capable civilizations.

Galactic Content Translations

Our content experts can help translate and localise your content for speakers of Terran English, and other Terran languages, and the Galactic languages of: Galactic Basic Standard, Binary (Droidspeak), Bocce, Bothese, Catharese, Cheunh, Dosh, Ewokese, Gamorrese, Geonosian, Hapan, High Galactic, Huttese, Jawaese, Kaleesh, Kaminoan, Mando'a, Old Corellian, Pak Pak, Rodese, Sullustese, Tarc, Torguti, Twi'leki, Tusken, and Yuuzhan Vong.

Client Reviews

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    Rob Kingdom

    We’re entering into our 3rd year of partnership with SALT during which time they have provided us with invaluable support which commonly extends far beyond their obligations.

    This is a team so driven by their passion for SEO that they do not hesitate to go the extra mile time and time again. As we enter a new phase in the development of our website we only see more involvement for SALT in helping us achieve our goals.

  • salt-logo-header
    Ali LeClerc

    Working with Reza and the SALT team was a game changer for us. From a business perspective, our website inbounds more than doubled over a period of 6 months with relevant, highly targeted traffic. Reza and the team took the time to understand our very niche, technical space to give us specific direction on web content, and the results speak for themselves. I’d recommend SALT to anyone looking for a real partner when it comes to SEO engagement – not to mention that the team is genuinely a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a continued partnership with Reza and the SALT team as long as I have SEO needs (which I’d imagine will be for a very long time).

  • salt-logo-header
    Elenitsa Staykova

    SALT’s dedication to our projects and their technical know-how were superb.

    They really went the extra mile and took the time to understand our business, never applying one-size-fits-all solutions. They have added concrete and measurable value to our business.

    They are professional, confident, insightful, and keeps up-to-date with Google algorithm changes. Most importantly, they are a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to collaborating with them again in the future.

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