Author: Mariah Feria

  • How to structure a blog post to generate leads

    There’s much more to writing a blog post than putting words on a page. While your idea may be brilliant or unique, it’s unlikely to fully engage your audience and generate leads if poorly structured. Understanding and planning your blog post structure is integral to a compelling piece of writing. Using a considered approach and […]

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  • Pete Watson-Wailes hired as Operations Manager for SALT.agency

    SALT.agency is pleased to announce the hiring of Pete Watson-Wailes in a brand new role as Operations Manager. Pete will be the company’s first Operations Manager — a new leadership role created thanks to continued growth at the technical SEO agency.  Pete will oversee the broader organization of SALT, helping to maintain and grow company […]

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  • Andy Jessop promoted to Head of Content

    SALT.agency is pleased to announce Andy Jessop will be its first Head of Content. Thanks to continued growth within the agency and the content team, Andy will step up from the position of Content Strategy Manager to help expand SALT’s content offering to clients. Within his new role, he will be responsible for building out […]

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  • How to bring to life typically dry topics

    Not every topic is considered ‘interesting’. In a culture where witty words and bitesize stories top the viral charts, making your dry content stand out can seem impossible. We all understand the value of creating engaging content, but how do you achieve this when your topic is regarded as dull? What are dry topics and […]

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  • How to define your tone of voice

    Every brand needs to define its unique tone of voice. For many, it acts as the face of your organisation. Tone of voice entices potential customers and indicates the ‘personality’ of your company within the first few sentences of any post. Harnessing a tone of voice is important no matter the nature of your business. […]

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