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  • Technical writing vs technical content writing

    With only one word differing the two terms, the confusion between technical writing and technical content writing is understandable. Further adding to this confusion is the fact that the two disciplines require similar skill sets and can even cross paths in many instances. However, the ultimate aims of technical writing and technical content writing are […]

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  • The anatomy of creative content

    The days when you could get away with a 300-word blog post are long gone — in fact, research shows that most shared articles are 3k-10k words long. Don’t let this put you off though — this seven step comprehensive approach to content crafting will guide you through the process of creating more effective and […]

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  • Who should website content be written for?

    Great content is what draws visitors in to your website and hopefully keeps them there. However, it can be all too easy to get carried away with trying to please search engines when writing this content. So, should your copy be written for the reader or should it be primarily drafted with search engines in […]

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  • How and why to create evergreen content

    Content marketing is an invaluable and intrinsic aspect of marketing any business online, but not all of the content you create will prove as valuable to your audience as you had hoped, and most will simply become irrelevant over time. This is where evergreen content comes into play.

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  • How to do guest blogging well in 2018

    A video by Matt Cutts in 2014 seemingly suggesting guest blogging was dead caused a bit of a stir in SEO and offsite communities, as did more recent statements from Google echoing the same sentiment. However, context is key, and all of these warnings were aimed at guest blogging done badly. By badly I mean […]

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  • Why relevant content still matters

    Google confirmed suspicions last Friday that a broad core algorithm update took place on 16 April, much like the one experienced in March. Speaking on Twitter, the Google SearchLiasion, said: “On Monday, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we routinely do throughout the year.” As a result, some sites will have seen fluctuations […]

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