Author: Hannah Stones

  • How the publishing industry uses digital marketing

    The book publishing industry is vast and varied, producing everything from best sellers to new editions of beloved classics. No matter what you like to read, publishers are the ones who get the right book to the right reader. But what steps are taken between an author writing their book to readers sifting the pages […]

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  • What is server-side tagging?

    Google Tag Manager (GTM) has long been a key tool for digital marketing professionals, providing valuable insights into the user journey, conversion paths, and ad exposure that you can use to optimise your website.  It provides a convenient way to manage all types of tracking code – from Google Analytics and Adwords to Facebook pixels […]

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  • Copywriting tips and tricks: A complete guide

    Table of contents What is copywriting? What copywriters do Becoming a copywriter Copywriting styles SEO copywriting tips Blog writing tips Press release writing tips Proofing and editing tips General writing rules: Mismatched phrases General writing rules: Grammar and punctuation Whether you’re writing to inform, inspire, engage, or persuade, copywriting is what pioneers every brand. Knowing […]

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