Hybris strengths

hybris seoProviding a three-pronged approach, with PCM, Order Management System (OCM) and multi-strategy channel, a key feature of the platform is its ability to integrate across channels thanks to its powerful API; helping to provide pre-developed eShop specialisms that help lower integration time while at the same time, raising success rates.

Used by a range of international stores, the SAP Hybris platform comes served with multisite, multilanguage and multicurrency features (including the SAP webshop) that cater to stores that are looking to expand their presence outside of their native countries.

What’s more, for stores looking to amalgamate both online and offline activities, the platform’s centralised management system makes this ideal – offering a concise and practical solution for many.

Possibly one of the most exceptional features of the platform is the flexibility of its costs, which can vary as a store grows, with on-demand options featured throughout.

Hybris weaknesses

As you can imagine with such a complex system, the Hybris eCommerce Platform has been noted to frustrate some users during the integration and implementation stages, which can take up large chunks of time. This ultimately means that often technical SEO for SAP Hybris is overlooked.

Despite its many features, Hybris does have a somewhat, if extremely limited ecosystem, with users noting that its community, partners, forums, and integrators, aren’t as well developed or as varied as its competitors. This can be costly, as a lot of on page technical SEO optimisation requires development, rather than simply using a pre-existing code.

That said however, Hybris is aware of this, and have released a range of white papers to help users combat the most common issues using the most efficient approach.

What it supports and integrates

As mentioned earlier, third parties are limited, but it’s worth noting that the product is largely complete and easily extensible.

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