Protein Works, an innovation-led nutrition and functional foods brand, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with, a world-renowned SEO agency.

The move signals a significant step in Protein Works’ ambitious growth plans to expand its marketing and product strategy through a focused analytics and SEO strategy, with a keen eye on leveraging AI technology.

This collaboration is a testament to Protein Works’ commitment to staying at the forefront of digital innovation. will employ its specialised Search Generative Experience (SGE)/AI-SEO strategy, perfectly complementing Protein Works’ continuous customer- and product-focused innovation philosophy. This synergy is expected to set a new standard for how nutrition brands leverage AI-SEO for growth.

Nichol Callaghan, Digital Marketing Director at Protein Works, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with SALT! Their quick grasp of our brand’s vision and profound technical knowledge in the world of SEO excites us for the future. As we advance in the AI-first era, our commitment to being a customer-focused brand is stronger than ever. Partnering with an agency who deeply understands our search and data strategy is crucial, and we’re excited about continuing to develop in this space with SALT.”

Thierry Ngutegure, Head of Data Insights, said: “Protein Works is our dream brand to work with. We’re excited about the opportunity to join together and enhance its vibrant, dynamic, and data-driven strategy. This opportunity will leverage our top-tier SEO and data capabilities during the fast-paced development of AI and the SGE. Using our expertise in AI for SEO to amplify Protein Works’ customer-focused long-term digital growth strategy.”