Including company news, as well as industry news, find out all there is to know about SALT.agency’s place within the SEO industry. From competition and award wins, through to charity news and other insights, take a look through our news pieces right here.

  • Carrying out redirects through your cloud provider

    Website migrations can be extremely varied activities; they can be completely different each time and are often paramount to an SEO campaign. There are a few things that do not ever change with migrations, and one of the most important factors with any migration is the redirects. Redirects can make or break a migration. By […]

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  • How does PPC complement SEO?

    Before we tackle the relationship between PPC and SEO, let’s introduce both concepts. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) encompasses the technologies, techniques, processes and tactics used to achieve the highest organic rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) — leading to increased chances of higher website traffic and business success. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, […]

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  • UK businesses with .eu domains will be dealt killer Brexit KO

    One year on from the historic triggering of Article 50 by the United Kingdom on 29 March 2017, a quietly published ‘Notice to stakeholders’ was released in Brussels by the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. The details of which will have serious consequences for UK businesses that have bought, and are using .eu domain […]

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  • SALT.agency announces Boston office location

    SALT.agency is proud to announce that it has transcended international boundaries by creating a base in Boston, Massachusetts, and is now in a working collaboration with US PR agency, Hollywood Agency. After searching for a US hub over the past two years to cater to substantial international demand, we were able to confirm our stake […]

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  • SALT.agency aims to raise 1k for Alzheimer’s charities this festive season

    This festive season, SALT.agency has chosen to raise money for two important national charities – the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK. Our goal is to raise a minimum of £1,000 by mid-January, which we will then split equally between the two charities. We are asking for donations for the opportunity to watch our resident Santa have his large beard removed on December 15 […]

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  • Not long until CSE 2017

    The Cyber Security Europe Conference is now just days away. Sponsored in part by SALT.agency, the conference, which is now in its third year, will be focussing on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Taking place at Salem Chapel Auditorium on 13 October, there are a range of security talks taking place on the subject of […]

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  • SALT.agency announces its Christmas Whitepaper in July

    Preparing for Christmas is important, especially for businesses who find most of their income sourced from just a few short weeks. The paper discusses the luxury hamper market, alongside alcohol delivery services, both on a local and national scale. It is also a must read for any company looking to make the most of Christmas […]

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  • SALT releases courier and haulage report 2017

    With competition across courier and haulage companies becoming ever more fierce, it is more important than ever that independent and SME firms stand out among the crowd. This paper discusses the saturation of the courier and haulage industries and explains what can be done to ensure online success. Request a copy of it here.

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  • Summer internship announcement

    Update 26/03/2018: This position has now been filled. Please follow our social channels for further information on any internships that we might have in the future. Following on from a recent string of new client wins and a new office in the City of London, Leeds based technical SEO agency, SALT, is currently seeking an […]

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