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  • SALT supports Holbeck Elderly Aid this Christmas

    Christmas is a time of giving, and this year the team at SALT decided they would like to give back a little something to their local community. Our chosen charity is Holbeck Elderly Aid, who do a wonderful job of supporting the older population of Holbeck to live independently through organised activities, transport, befriending, home assessments, and […]

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  • SALT releases digital challenger banking report for 2017

    Since the 2007-8 financial crisis, people have changed the way they think about major banks, helping pave the way for a stream of challenger banks, which first began to emerge in 2010. This paper discusses the development of such banks, their continued evolution, and where they are set to go next year and thereafter. Request a […]

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  • Cat owners are losers, thanks Facebook

    Cats are for introverted losers who read comic books and don’t go outside, and dogs are for everyone else — or so the internet would have you believe. To celebrate World Cat Day Facebook has leapt into the “dog vs cat” debate and embedded the stereotype into the minds of the world by proving that […]

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  • Google begins testing for Project Loon

    In the race to provide internet to some of the most remote corners of the Earth, Google’s managing director for South East Asia and India, Rajan Anandan, has announced that the company is in talks with local telecom providers to beam internet access from floating balloons in the sky. Unlike Facebook, Google plans to provide unlimited […]

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  • Spotify finds its feet within the music industry. Sort of.

    Thanks to new research published by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, a study has concluded that Spotify is helping win the battle against digital piracy. After examining the effects of legal streaming on torrent downloads, researchers were able to conclude that for every 47 streams, the number of illegal downloads decreases by one. Launched […]

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  • HMRC drops Microsoft for Google services

    Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be the first major governmental department to drop traditional Microsoft software and services and replace them with Google Apps. HMRC, the governmental department that deals with corporation tax, will have more than 70,000 employees making the switch, joining 2,500 Cabinet Office users already using Gmail. A government blog, […]

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  • Google adds a buy button to search results

    Speaking at the Code Conference in California on Wednesday, Omid Kordestani, Google’s chief business officer, said that the search engine will be adding a ‘buy button’ in its search results. In what Kordestani described as an ‘imminent change’, it means that users will soon be able to buy products straight from the search results – […]

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