Author: Josh Wootton

  • What is enterprise SEO?

    Integrating an effective SEO strategy into a normal sized website is challenging enough. But when you multiply the number of pages and links that an enterprise level site may have, you also risk multiplying the impact of any issues you may face. This is before you even consider factors external to SEO, such as the […]

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  • 4 benefits customer reviews have on SEO

    For many years, companies believed black hat techniques and high volumes of content that can be viewed as spammy and low quality was the best approach for improving organic search performance. However, Google and other search engines have now evolved to such an extent that they now understand the impact they have on individuals and […]

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  • Is Google My Business worth it for your SEO strategy?

    Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool launched in 2014 to help local search performance for companies of any size. It signaled a move away from sponsored listings and directories with more autonomy and creativity passed to businesses to market themselves locally. By simply providing your address, trading hours, and phone number, you can […]

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