Author: Aleksandra Kelesh

  • An SEO industry analysis of The UK online fashion industry

    2020 is now known as the year that revolutionised eCommerce. Unprecedented lockdowns and social distancing drove fear among masses globally for shopping in physical stores. Consumers switched to online shopping, which was a safe, fast and convenient way to purchase items. This change in buyer behaviours made online fashion businesses compete to succeed online, trying […]

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  • An SEO analysis of UK challenger banks industry

    Financial Services in the United Kingdom play a key role in contributing to the country’s economy, which accounted for £164.8 billion in 2020.  The market size revenue of the banking industry alone reached £96.1bn, making it an attractive industry to enter the market. However, during the financial crisis in 2008, the UK banking industry faced […]

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  • An organic overview of the US big box hardware & DIY sector

    Home fashion changes constantly, and new designs become outdated in a short space of time. Landlords and homeowners worldwide and, more specifically, in the United States frequently renovate their properties to keep up with the latest home renovation and improvement trends.  2020 is the year associated with being at home, which led to an elevated […]

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