Author: Jasper Tomlinson

  • An SEO analysis of the US country wear industry

    Boot Barns passed the billion-dollar revenue mark this year, primarily selling high-end western boots. This highlighted the industry’s potential to accommodate larger companies and continue to grow. The impact of the pandemic on retailers has also affected the country wear market. The drastic shift to e-commerce for all companies has emphasised the importance of sound […]

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  • An SEO analysis of the US homeware industry

    Our analysis of the homeware industry over the last three years has identified significant search demand volatility. Major macroeconomic events have had dual effects on the market. The pandemic has played a large role in increasing demand for homeware while also causing supply chain issues. Due to the growing size of the homeware industry, it […]

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  • US garden supply industry analysis: An SEO perspective

    Recent global issues are likely leading to significant changes in the US garden supplies industry. The rising costs of living and droughts will play a major role in the market over the next couple of years, with significant changes having already occurred in the last five. So far in 2022, 80% of the western USA experienced […]

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