Author: Suki Go

  • An introduction to CDNs and how they benefit SEO 

    An introduction to CDNs and SEO benefits  When the distance between the server and a user increases, so does the latency.   The latency is the time the server needs to respond to a request. Due to the global nature of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), your site can be artificially moved closer to the user. This […]

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  • A guide to an SEO URL structure

    How you structure URLs for SEO is just as important as optimising page titles, meta descriptions and headers.The structure of a URL varies for most websites depending on their intent. For instance, an e-Commerce website’s URL structure will be different to that of a blog website.What is a URL?  A URL is a unique address […]

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  • Can paid search impact your SEO efforts?

    Have you ever considered investing in a PPC campaign with an SEO strategy? Or wondered whether the combination of two would negatively or positively impact your site’s rankings? To answer the latter, no – PPC does not directly impact SEO. PPC and SEO are two separate entities with established regulations to ensure paid search has absolutely […]

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