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  • How your body can transmit your passwords

    A collective of engineers at the University of Washington’s Networks and Mobile Systems Lab have discovered a way to pass a four-digit code through human skin using everyday technology, lending itself to exciting concepts such as unlocking a door or a safe just by touching it. Sure, this could be achieved with a fingerprint sensor […]

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  • Spotify serves music with a side order of malware

    Spotify has become the latest tech giant to succumb to security issues as it was discovered that the free version of its service had been directing PC and Mac users towards websites filled with malware. Although Spotify has since fixed the problem, a number of users from its community forum were reporting that virus-infected pop-up websites […]

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  • How the Google Possum update will change local SEO

    TL;DR: Google has shaken up how local search works, meaning that businesses that aren’t geographically in the city centres now have more of a chance of appearing in the Map Pack than they did previously. The search engine has also placed greater importance on a user’s physical location, and businesses that share the same address are now […]

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  • Google Penguin 4.0: What does this mean for SEO?

    Thousands of people have been waiting for a very long time, (in some cases with bated breath) for Google Penguin to run again, and at last there is finally cause for celebration as Google have confirmed the update is now live via their Webmaster Central Blog. Previously, this algorithm ran separately from the main ongoing core […]

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  • Using WPML to take your business international

    If you are planning on growing your online business to reach international markets, or you are looking to create a better user experience for your customers in other countries – I recommend that you look no further than implementing WPML into your internationalisation strategy if your site is based on WordPress. WPML was developed in […]

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  • Beginning copywriting: a guide

    Table of contents Introduction Preparing for work and a career in copywriting Types of copywriting SEO copywriting (extended) Writing for blogs Perfecting a press release Proofing and editing Common mistakes, forgotten rules and words to avoid Rules every copywriter needs to know Tips on hiring a freelance copywriter Introduction This copywriting guide has been compiled […]

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