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  • Data encryption, the anti-fad of 2017

    We’re only half way through 2017 and we’ve witnessed a number of trends and fads, from fidget spinners, the dab, and the increasing rise of household voice activated devices such as Google Home, Echo, and the in-development Vega. This has led to a lot of marketing agencies jumping onto the bandwagon that is artificial intelligence, […]

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  • SALT.agency announces its Christmas Whitepaper in July

    Preparing for Christmas is important, especially for businesses who find most of their income sourced from just a few short weeks. The paper discusses the luxury hamper market, alongside alcohol delivery services, both on a local and national scale. It is also a must read for any company looking to make the most of Christmas […]

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  • SALT.agency expands into digital security services with CyberScanner

    Today SALT.agency is proud to announce that it is now expanding its services into digital security with its new cyber security service, CyberScanner. A unique and ground-breaking tool that is able to analyse and record the security vulnerabilities of publicly available digital properties, CyberScanner is a market leader in digital security protection. Reza Moaiandin, technical […]

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  • Why industrial control systems need cyber security

    You might not know it but due to a lack of technical security testing, some industrial systems are at risk of severe cyber attacks. Industrial Control Systems, commonly known as ICS, can cover everything from transport and water to nuclear reactors. It’s no surprise then, that potential vulnerabilities are cause for serious concern. According to […]

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  • Why employees make businesses vulnerable to hackers

    Cyberattacks have been on the rise both in number and sophistication and this has prompted companies to implement tough cybersecurity measures to protect their resources. Despite this, hackers still find their way into secure networks to steal sensitive data that is put up for sale on the darknet markets or used to commit more cybercrimes such as holding […]

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  • Project Owl: a mission to stop problematic searches

    Google has released Project Owl and it is suddenly not such a hoot online for fake news anymore! Project Owl is fighting against problematic searches that plague our queries. With more websites offering a jaded view of the world through people’s opinions rather than fact it is becoming increasingly important to stop these offensive topics […]

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