Author: Vicky Mills

  • How does JavaScript rendering work?

    From its beginnings as a tool to enhance static webpages built from HTML and CSS, JavaScript has become a core building block of the web.  JavaScript enables us to build engaging and responsive webpages and to deliver interactive experiences through a website — from editing documents to playing games and buying anything from groceries to […]

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  • How to improve Largest Contentful Paint

    This article assumes a base level of knowledge about Core Web Vitals and how to audit them. To revisit this topic, please check out the first article in this series: What are Core Web Vitals? We previously highlighted that LCP stands for “Largest Contentful Paint” and delved into ways one might begin auditing for issues. […]

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  • What are Core Web Vitals?

    Web Vitals are metrics created by Google to measure page performance in a standardised way. Google analyses real user data from the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) and compares the real experience of these users to see where they fall within the Web Vitals metrics. The Core Web Vitals are then used by Google as […]

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