As we all know, the world of SEO travels at a million miles per second, which is why we like to keep up to date with the very latest SEO news and analysis. Including reviews and guides on the latest technologies and tools, as well as tips on SEO best practice, find out everything you need to know from one of the most prominent UK SEO agencies, here.

  • Can you succeed in Search with a sustainable website?

    Climate change continues to be the biggest threat to our way of life. Within the past ten years, we have seen sustainable changes encouraged from all angles — whether recycling or reusing, biking to work, or simply eating less meat, people everywhere are making changes to live more eco-friendly lives.  As a business owner, it […]

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  • The ultimate guide to website authority

    Website authority is a measure of how highly regarded your website is in the digital eyes of the search engine robots. Generally speaking, sites that are perceived as being more authoritative tend to rank more highly than brand new or low-quality sites that have no positive reputation as yet. Improving your website authority can be […]

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  • What is bounce rate and does it impact SEO?

    Bounce rate is a measure of the number of people who arrive at a page on your website and leave again without visiting any other pages: instead of ‘sticking’ to your website, they ‘bounce’ off it. You’ll see it in website analytics platforms as an absolute number, a percentage, or both. But what does it […]

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  • Best practices for SEO in the life science industry

    Best practices for SEO remain relatively similar regardless of the industry or sector that your business may be in. Yet, one sector that tends to be slow on digital marketing uptake is the scientific industry – often without good reason. But the potential for scientific businesses to grow online is massive, especially as investors are […]

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  • Creating Better Ecommerce Category Pages

    On the majority of ecommerce websites, category pages (or PLPs) are a practical means to an end and a relatively uneventful stop on the user journey to the product pages themselves. A number of ecommerce websites do however recognise that they hold some value, and have copy written for them, oftentimes relegated to the bottom […]

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  • Google’s advice for SEO in 2021

    Towards the end of 2020, Google’s John Mueller spoke virtually at SMX and reaffirmed many existing thoughts about what the future of search holds. The presentation can be viewed from the agenda links and registering. In summary, John’s presentation covered several areas of both how Google’s Search product will be developing, and how they’re working […]

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  • How to overcome technical debt in SEO

    SEO faces many challenges, ranging from daily tweaks to Google’s algorithms and occasional Google core updates, to internal struggles overcoming the usual business bureaucracy and red tape. One of the biggest problems many organisations face is delays in implementing technical SEO tweaks. The responsibility for this often lies with internal IT teams, but they, in […]

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  • How to decrease eCommerce product returns through SEO

    Research into online shopping habits found out that almost one-third of shoppers deliberately purchase more products than they intend to keep. With that statistic in mind, reducing eCommerce product returns may seem like mission impossible. However, 19% of respondents answered that they tend to order multiple sizes or colour versions of the same item, to […]

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  • How to successfully maintain SEO during a website rebrand

    Rebranding a website can be an exciting task for any business, but it also carries a variety of risks to a website’s organic visibility and overall performance. A rebrand can range from a simple domain change to a complete overhaul in brand, website design and website architecture, which require comprehensive analysis and a logical migration […]

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