As we all know, the world of SEO travels at a million miles per second, which is why we like to keep up to date with the very latest SEO news and analysis. Including reviews and guides on the latest technologies and tools, as well as tips on SEO best practice, find out everything you need to know from one of the most prominent UK SEO agencies, here.

  • Guide: Netlify SEO and tips

    TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read) Netlify is not WordPress or a CMS; it is a static hosting platform behind a powerful ADN If you are looking for Netlify CMS, that’s a totally different thing! It runs fast because everything is cached. It works with Headless CMSs and its own CMS. Edge SEO works like a […]

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  • Why FMCG brands need to take SEO Seriously

    FMCGs are complex businesses. They produce a high volume of products for a range of different brands. As such, the launch of a new product passes through many internal functions; R&D, marketing supply chain, logistics, etc. On the face of it, it appears that these businesses are experts are rapidly developing and releasing new products […]

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  • How to diagnose your ranking drops

    Falls in ranking can put you on panic stations, but don’t worry – here we look at how to diagnose your ranking drops. Once you know what’s gone wrong, you’re better placed to take the action you need to recover your rankings.It is important to understand that rankings can fluctuate for a lot of legitimate […]

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  • The ultimate Pure Spam penalty guide

    If you receive a Pure Spam message in Google Search Console, it means Google has detected evidence of ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques on your website.This can include a variety of old SEO techniques that are no longer considered ethical or acceptable, for example: Publishing auto-generated content that reads like gibberish. Publishing large numbers of small, low-quality […]

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  • Q&A With Google’s John Mueller

    At the end of the first VirtuaCon virtual conference, SALT’s Dan Taylor hosted a question and answer session with Google’s John Mueller. Tackling questions around how Google perceives site structure in the age of context vectors and semantic information architecture, as well as whether or not Google will roll out algorithm updates during the global […]

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  • How to create a Google Action using Schema

    Schema markup provides website publishers with ways to influence the way your content appears in search results, by passing more information to the search engines than appears to human visitors. One relatively recent capability is the ability to use Schema to create Google Actions – we’ll come on to how you do that in a […]

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  • What happened to meta-search engines?

    Back in the early days of search engines, Google wasn’t yet the dominant force it is today. Instead, there were several contenders for that throne, all vying for market share. Some of those first true search engines, which used a crawler to index pages that could then be searched for keywords, included: Infoseek WebCrawler Lycos […]

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  • Search trends for the travel and tourism industry

    There are multiple types of holidays you can go on, ranging from meditation retreats, skiing holidays, to last-minute summer breaks. Certain holidays are more prevalent in some countries, as well as users might be looking for the same type of holiday but using different search terms to look for it. Research has determined that Americans […]

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  • SEO Questions: Does Website Security Affect SEO?

    As cybersecurity becomes an ever-growing problem within the information era, it is crucial to protect your website as not to jeopardise user security/privacy. For websites, this can range from buying Comodo certificates to installing a full-blown bespoke iptables firewall rule(s) onto your server – don’t worry, many websites do not need to go that far. […]

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