As we all know, the world of SEO travels at a million miles per second, which is why we like to keep up to date with the very latest SEO news and analysis. Including reviews and guides on the latest technologies and tools, as well as tips on SEO best practice, find out everything you need to know from one of the most prominent UK SEO agencies, here.

  • Migrating to SAP ERP & Hybris? Don’t forget SEO!

    SAP’s increased marketing and product innovations are leading to more enterprise-level organizations opting to migrate to their ERP and CRM solutions. As part of this movement, moving the front-end website over to the SAP Hybris platform is often sold in as part of the deal to ease integration with the new backend systems. Large eCommerce […]

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  • Tips for recovering from Google Core Algorithm Updates

    Algorithm recovery has become a hot topic in recent years, ever since the search engine started to be more transparent about publicising major changes to its search ranking algorithms. Google algorithms change on a daily basis, new websites are crawled and indexed, and old pages are deleted, so some jostling of SERP rankings is inevitable. […]

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  • How to optimise images for SEO

    When people refer to website content, they often mean written copy; however, content can be anything on the page — copy, images, video, and more. A page without content is a blank page. In the same vein, it’s not just the copy that needs to be optimised for search engine scrutiny — everything needs to […]

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  • SEO Questions: How Are Pages Ranked In Search Engines?

    Now here’s where it gets important – what do search engines think of your content, and how will it rank? “The web is like an ever-growing library with billions of books and no central filing system”, according to Google. Search engines have many ranking factors for each query Historically, a website is judged on how […]

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  • SEO Questions: How Do Search Engines Crawl The Internet?

    Search engines use automated crawlers — also known as robots or spiders — to travel from page to page and from link to link, to collect pages that they deem high quality. Search engines frequently crawl websites, typically daily, to determine which pages should be indexed in their massive databases. Over time, search engines continue […]

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  • How to evaluate your performance against core algorithm updates

    Minor Google algorithm updates are a daily occurrence, but in 2019 we have seen growing awareness of Google core algorithm updates, which are broader changes to the search engine’s ranking criteria and are usually announced officially via Google’s webmaster blogs. They have the potential to knock top-ranked websites further down in the search results, especially […]

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  • How fast is fast enough for good SEO performance?

    It doesn’t take an SEO expert to understand that a slow loading site isn’t good for your business. Your website is, in essence, delivering a service to the reader. If a competitor does a faster job of providing that service, then you are likely to lose customers. While most people understand this at a core […]

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  • SEO strategies for the fashion industry

    The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar global sector devoted to selling clothes and accessories. Although there is a difference between haute couture and mass-produced apparel, from an SEO perspective, fashion eCommerce stores operate in largely the same manner, regardless of production volume or the price tag. The challenge lies in the fact that search engine […]

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  • SEO Questions: How many pages should my website have?

    Today, I am starting a series on the SALT.agency blog entitled ‘SEO Questions’. This new series aims to provide answers to some of the most common SEO-related questions we hear. The straightforward answer to today’s question is that a website should have as many pages as necessary to be comprehensive and authoritative on a topic. […]

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