As we all know, the world of SEO travels at a million miles per second, which is why we like to keep up to date with the very latest SEO news and analysis. Including reviews and guides on the latest technologies and tools, as well as tips on SEO best practice, find out everything you need to know from one of the most prominent UK SEO agencies, here.

  • JAMstack, Edge Workers & Worker Sites: New Challenges & Opportunities in SEO

    2019 has seen the advent of a number of new challenges for SEO professionals, ranging from Google’s ever-changing efforts to “deliver better results for users”, to serverless technologies creating new opportunities for SEO implementations. JAMstack is also becoming more popular as organisations are looking to deconstruct their monolithic architectures, and become more agile in how […]

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  • Common JavaScript errors in SEO and how to avoid them

    JavaScript (JS), initially named Live Script, was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995. Put simply, JS is a scripting language that enables web developers to insert code within a website. The script also allows performing tasks that are not possible in the traditional HTML markup language. These are mostly interactive behaviours, such as displaying hamburger […]

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  • How to prevent comment spam as a site owner

    In the majority of cases, post comments are a good indication that a site is generating quality content to a healthy and attentive audience. Often referred to as user-generated content (UGC), comments are great for SEO as they provide sites with free qualitative content, longtail keywords, and can help boost signals across social platforms. There […]

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  • Faceted navigation best practices

    Otherwise known as guided navigation, faceted navigation uses product metadata that users can then utilise to refine search queries and category listings. Most enterprise and e-commerce sites use types of faceted navigation so that users can quickly navigate the site for the products that they desire. Although this is indeed very wholesome for users, faceted […]

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  • Why page speed is so important

    It stands to reason that page speed is an important element in good website design. Pages that load faster become interactive faster, and that means your visitors face less of a delay in becoming paying customers.Slower loading pages suffer higher abandonment and bounce rates, as some visitors will simply give up if the page doesn’t […]

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  • Effective techniques to create tempting meta descriptions

    Meta descriptions are sometimes overlooked or deemed unimportant because they aren’t used by Google to determine rankings — however, they are often the first thing that a potential customer will see of your business online, and they do influence your click-through rate. With that in mind, they are therefore an important aspect of your on-page […]

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  • How to optimise for voice search in 2019

    Although Voice search is a feature that we’re seeing more and more today, it was once considered by experts to be a passing novelty, which is an unfortunate fate assigned to many Google products. Within a relatively short period of time however, it goes without saying that Voice Search has made its stance as a […]

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