An equine business is a business dedicated to selling products needed by horse riders and professional equestrians, such as clothing and accessories.

Before starting a successful equine business, you must consider everything from your brand identity to your SEO strategy. SEO is vital to running a successful equine business and can boost your visibility to your target audience to help them discover you and your products.

The ranking of your website is essential to driving sales, increasing conversions, and building your customer base.

Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be a complicated process. Start your site with simple information such as who you are and what you are offering so users can easily make a purchase. You can then push it further by including your contact information and expanding the details of your brand or products by creating keyword-optimised content.

If customers hear about your business through word of mouth, they will likely search for you on Google. Be prepared for visits to your site by providing those searchers with further information that builds trust and converts visitors to customers.

Structuring eCommerce categories

Structuring your eCommerce categories should make the flow and navigation on your site much more straightforward for your users.

As an example, if the product type is rider wear, you would then break it down into subcategories and provide users with filter options for style, price, size, length, etc.

When categories flow nicely for users, they are more likely to find the product they are searching for and navigate your site until they find something they want or need. This easy navigation also shows that your site is high-quality and can help boost your rankings.

Competitor analysis

When it comes to using SEO and ranking, it’s key to watch your competitors, which are sites of a similar niche which offer similar products to yourself and rank higher or close by to your own site.

Researching your competitors and understanding what they rank for can help you identify other opportunities for your own site. Understanding where your competitors rank can help you identify where you’re missing chances to appear for the same users.

Content strategy for equine blogs

When improving or starting SEO for your equine business website, there are a few things you need to consider. The first thing is your overall content strategy. You need to have a plan of action and an understanding of what your target audience needs or wants.

Who will be reading your content?

The main priority when writing or posting your equine blog is considering the overall customer and audience. This is extremely important as your equine business may have more than one type of customer or demographic to reach.

When considering your content strategy, ensure your equine blog can cater to more than one type of user by creating a range of content types. This will assist you with appealing to those different audiences and boost your business to success.

What problems are you solving?

In the equine industry, most of your target audience will be searching for a particular type of riding attire, accessories, and all things equestrian. Thankfully this gives a window of opportunity to soft sell your products within your blog. Your blog could be about safe horse riding on roads or horse riding in winter. You internally link to product pages within the blog, outlining the product and why it is perfect for the user in correlation with the topic of the blog.

What makes you unique?

As well as carrying out competitor research to identify missed opportunities, you should also consider what makes you a unique equine brand.

Within the equine industry, it’s very likely competitors have an identical or similar product to what you are offering your audience. As such, you need to find ways to make yourself stand out from the rest. This could be pitching an incredibly unique product no one else on the market has or having a unique brand voice. It might even be that your brand has years of experience within the equine industry, making you an authoritative and trustworthy choice.

Include CTAs

You should always have a Call To Action (CTA) within your blog. This can assist with driving organic traffic to your product pages and can provide readers with value. CTA’s can also help you improve conversion rates and boost sales when used appropriately throughout your blog post, and can be broken down into different types.

Bottom of the post smart CTAs

A smart CTA is when different users may see a different CTA depending on where they are within your database. Some visitors only see content that may convert them to leads or to subscribe, while others will see content they are likely to promote to others.

Connect on social media CTA

This type of CTA is where you place a link to all your social media platforms where customers can keep up with you there and see your latest updates.

Blog subscription CTA

If the reader is interested in the type of content they have just read, they may want to subscribe for more. Embed links within your content that take the user to other relevant pages so they can see more of what you do.

Product reviews

Whenever a user is shopping for equine products, reviews left by other users can make or break a sale or conversion. Display reviews of products on your site so users can make an informed decision on whether your offerings are right for them.

Tailor your reviews so previous customers can provide additional content, such as the main features and benefits. Important information like measurements and size guides can also be very helpful, as it allows new users to assess how products fit others in their size range.

Long-form content performs better in search engines than shorter content. This is because search engines prefer longer content, so it can boost your rankings. Set a high character allowance on your product reviews so previous customers can leave plenty of information.

Providing alternative equine products and directing users to another product page can increase your chances of making a sale. Utilizing your SEO is a fantastic way to boost your equine business, ensuring you produce high-quality content. Don’t forget about those all-important equestrian-based keywords that can really push your rankings further. Once you have put all these important factors into practice, your organic traffic will come in naturally.