Technical SEO

As one of the most prominent technical SEO agencies in the world, we take a great deal of pride in offering in-depth and advanced technical SEO services. Within our blog you will find insights into our latest technical SEO research, best practice guidelines, algorithm updates, and modern SEO requirements – all designed to help you get more out of your website through technical SEO.
  • New Approaches To Interaction Latency

    Over the past two years, the lines between technical SEO as a pure process and wider marketing practices and functions have become increasingly blurred. Core Web Vitals is one of the more prominent, with obvious considerations nesting in the intersection between technical SEO (page speed) and user experience. You can read more about Core Web […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Gatsby & SEO

    In this article, we’ll take you through our favourite tips, tricks and best practices for making your Gatsby sites as search engine friendly as possible. Overview If you’re already familiar with Gatsby, static site generators and JAMstack, feel free to skip ahead to the next section. If you’re new to these latest trends in web […]

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  • How to manage third-party script performance

    Third-party scripts include scripts hosted on third-party domains as well as those bundled in app packages. Examples of the former include analytics scripts, advertising tags, and Facebook and Twitter buttons, while examples of the latter include Google Analytics, other performance tracking libraries, and tag management scripts. These scripts are often referred to as “third-party” to […]

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  • What is Structured Data?

    Structured data is a way for website owners to tell search engines like Google what the content on their website means. It adds context to content. The way we discover websites has gone through several changes over the years. To begin with, to visit a website, you just typed it into your address bar. Soon […]

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  • Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics 4 Property and Custom Conversion Events

    Google Analytics (GA4) is a wonderful platform and tool for those looking to gain additional insight into their website traffic, user profiles and behaviour, as well as specific actions that users take whilst interacting with a website. GA4 moves from traditional website sessions to an events-based approach, enabling website managers to tailor their reporting and […]

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  • An introduction to log file analysis

    If your website log file has always seemed like a bottomless silo of indecipherable data that just gets bigger and bigger, you could be missing out on crucial technical SEO value. This guide will help you to understand the value of log file analysis for SEO and how to go about it, to identify opportunities […]

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  • A guide to canonical tags

    The internet is driven by content. Whether it’s product descriptions on an ecommerce site, articles on a news website, or user-generated posts on a social network, content is what we create and consume every time we get online. For the most part, online content is heavily text-based, but there are pages – and entire websites […]

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  • The definitive guide for internal linking

    Internal links sometimes get left out of the conversation. They’re often not perceived as an integral part of new content generation, but they’re also not created by external link building efforts. That means internal page links sometimes get missed. And that makes them worth a second look, as a way to give your SEO campaigns […]

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  • A guide to URL parameter handling

    URL parameters are a useful way to pass information directly in a hyperlink or via the browser address bar. You’ll see them often on all kinds of websites, after a question mark in the page URL. Parameters can pass data to your analytics software, alter the appearance and content of the page, and achieve a […]

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