• An Objective Look At Google News: Is It Really Biased?

    Recent revelations have shown that the United States Government is looking into regulating Google search results in response to publicly tweeted claims from Donald Trump. In them, he stated that search results were displaying articles that were biased against him. In particular, he highlighted results showing within Google News: Roger Montti has done a great […]

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  • Google ramps up HTTPS efforts with Chrome warnings

    For a long time now companies have been warned to switch their websites to HTTPS, with Google going as far as offering small ranking rewards for sites that have already done so. In an effort to ramp up site security, the tech company has now stated that from October 2017, Chrome (version 62, used by […]

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  • Project Owl: a mission to stop problematic searches

    Google has released Project Owl and it is suddenly not such a hoot online for fake news anymore! Project Owl is fighting against problematic searches that plague our queries. With more websites offering a jaded view of the world through people’s opinions rather than fact it is becoming increasingly important to stop these offensive topics […]

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  • How artificial intelligence is changing organic search

    Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept, spam filters have been using it for years (in the form of ANI – Artificial Narrow Intelligence) to protect our inboxes and it has been used in films since the 1920s to captivate and astound audiences. This is what Google’s RankBrain is, a form of artificial intelligence. While the […]

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  • Why An Accurate Google My Business Listing Is Vital

    Regardless of your industry or purpose of your website, whether you’re targeting a local, national or international audience, having an accurate and verified Google My Business listing is important. Your Google My Business profile can affect a number of things, such as how you appear on Google Maps (and Google Maps Directions feature), Google+, and […]

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  • Optimizing your site for the Google Answer Box

    Google introduced the answer box as a results page feature to provide users with value, removing the need for them to click on search results. At SMX West 2016 Paul Haahr talked about how Google is trying to think mobile first, and how users want information fast – especially when they have poor connectivity to the […]

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