Now this is actually a service which started in 2013, but when I asked a bunch of people about it, nobody was aware of its existence, so I decided a blog post was necessary. Free stuff needs to be known about, so I am here to spread the love.

As some of you may know, if you buy a CD album from nowadays, they also give you the option to stream it too or download the MP3 version for free. This is great in itself, and can keep you happy whilst you await the arrival of your CD version.

However, did you also know that if you have ever purchased any CD or vinyl from Amazon since as long ago as 1999, you can now stream or download it for free too. Tonight we really are going to party like it’s 1999 (sorry about the below).

The service, called Autorip, lets you rediscover music you may have forgotten about, from old CD albums you may have lost or cracked a long time ago. Of course, they could also be CDs you have thrown away, as your tastes have changed. But still… they are free, and Amazon are not forcing you to download them, so it’s all good.

I was excited to log in and see what CDs I had purchased from them since 1999. In my head I was imagining hundreds of great tunes from my college days, such as Feeder, Terrorvision or Blink 182. What I got was 3 albums. Three. I guess were cheaper for music back then. And CD Wow (remember them?)

Only one of these albums was actually mine. The other two were purchased as presents: one for my Mom, and one for my Dad. I’ll let you decide which album I bought for myself.

My Amazon Music Library contents
My Amazon Music Library contents

We played around 4 of the Addicted to Bass 2010 tracks in the office this morning, and now my enjoyment of Autorip is pretty much over. I no longer buy CDs. However, I imagine for some people this could be an undiscovered goldmine of aural memories and delights. Why not check what lost music you can claim back in your Amazon Music Library?

Featured image credit: Pixabay