Google Updates

  • The mobile-first index is finally here

    The mobile-first index is without doubt one of the greatest shifts in Google in recent history, and probably one of the largest we’re likely to see for some time. Technically this isn’t a separate to the incumbent index, but is a fundamental shift in how content and URLs are crawled, weighted, and ranked. Today we’re […]

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  • Google Search Console begins full beta roll out

    The Twitter SEO community is currently alight with conversation about the full rollout of the long-awaited beta Google Search Console. Seemingly now available to just about everyone, you can check your access status here. From there, check the top right of the screen, click “search properties” and view whether you are verified for the new console. […]

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  • Google Penguin 4.0: What does this mean for SEO?

    Thousands of people have been waiting for a very long time, (in some cases with bated breath) for Google Penguin to run again, and at last there is finally cause for celebration as Google have confirmed the update is now live via their Webmaster Central Blog. Previously, this algorithm ran separately from the main ongoing core […]

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  • Are you ready for Google’s Mobile Update?

    No one can reasonably say that they aren’t prepared for what’s coming on April 21st. Since late 2010, we have been wondering just when Google will strike sites that don’t accommodate for mobile users. Of course, in 2010, there weren’t even that many people using internet on mobile devices. In fact, the Galaxy S wasn’t […]

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