Author: Dan Taylor

  • How the Google Possum update will change local SEO

    TL;DR: Google has shaken up how local search works, meaning that businesses that aren’t geographically in the city centres now have more of a chance of appearing in the Map Pack than they did previously. The search engine has also placed greater importance on a user’s physical location, and businesses that share the same address are now […]

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  • Why An Accurate Google My Business Listing Is Vital

    Regardless of your industry or purpose of your website, whether you’re targeting a local, national or international audience, having an accurate and verified Google My Business listing is important. Your Google My Business profile can affect a number of things, such as how you appear on Google Maps (and Google Maps Directions feature), Google+, and […]

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  • Optimizing your site for the Google Answer Box

    Google introduced the answer box as a results page feature to provide users with value, removing the need for them to click on search results. At SMX West 2016 Paul Haahr talked about how Google is trying to think mobile first, and how users want information fast – especially when they have poor connectivity to the […]

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  • Achieving local search success in 2016

    This post has been written for companies who want to improve their website’s local performance, whether it be independent stores with an established brick and mortar store, or a national company with a number of branches. Caveat: There are many more factors that will contribute to your local SEO success, however these are some top […]

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