Proton AG, the company behind the world’s largest encrypted email service, Proton, has partnered with, to provide migration support and technical SEO guidance while it lays the groundworks for future products.

Proton is a Swiss-based, end-to-end encrypted email service that boasts more than 20 million users across the globe.

Andy Yen, CEO of Proton Technologies, said:

We started Proton with a simple mission: to protect privacy, defend freedom of speech and build an internet that is secure against cyber-attacks.

Working with will allow us to build on the work our team had already done internally and expand our reach further than ever before, helping more people all around the world take back control of their data.

Dan Taylor,’s Head of Research & Development said:

As a technical agency, we’ve been familiar with Proton and its technologies for some time, and having the opportunity to work with another industry-leading technology client is an exciting opportunity.

When Proton Technologies approached with a brief, it was apparent that the company wanted a no-nonsense, results-focused approach to complement its internal knowledge. is no stranger to working with leading technology companies, after being appointed by then growing-CDN start-up Cloudflare, to drive its international organic growth.

Proton Technologies was founded by a group of scientists working at CERN in May 2014 and is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company is supported by Charles River Ventures and the Fondation Genevoise pour l’Innovation Technologique (FONGIT) – a non-profit foundation financed, in part, through a division of the Swiss government.

Proton is an end-to-end encrypted email service that was released into public beta in May 2014. The service was crowdfunded and received US$550,377 through the Indiegogo platform.

In March 2015, Proton received US$2 million from Charles River Ventures and FONGIT.