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We SALTsters enjoy getting involved in what’s happening in and around our local area of Leeds, and this morning that involvement happened to include attending a unique rave event called Morning Gloryville, at the Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen.

I believe the concept of a booze-free morning rave started in New York, but soon spread overseas and has been embraced by many hip places such as Barcelona, London and Berlin… and now Leeds!

Are we ‘morning people’?

Our days usually start out quietly in the SALT office, as overall we probably wouldn’t refer to ourselves as ‘morning people’. So we tend to edge ourselves in to the day in a gentle manner, with lots of work getting done, but in a peaceful way until at least a few coffees have occurred.

However, this morning completely challenged our senses and also our perception of ourselves; when I was throwing some shapes with my glow sticks in a mass of smiling faces, I realised that, actually, perhaps I am a morning person after all. And I want all of my mornings to start this way; with music, and dance, glow sticks, and a pleasingly varied cross-section of Leeds folk.

Fun for all ages

Age was no object at MG; there were babies, older generations, and all those in-between out on that dance floor. Babies and children were provided with noise-cancelling ear defenders, and there was also a rather fun-looking Kidzone near the entrance for kids who fancied a bit of play time.

This looked fairly busy, but all the children and parents I saw in the main rave room looked more than happy too! With free glow sticks being handed out, what’s not to love?

Some of us at raving
Some of us from raving at 7:30am

Non-dancing fun

When you fancied a break from dancing, there were free (bookable) massages available, as well as free yoga sessions throughout the morning. Not forgetting a visit to the gorgeous roof terrace for a blast of sunshine and fresh air.

It was there that we came across a very content dog, basking in the sun’s rays… and all the love and attention he was getting from the morning ravers!

Food & drink

If you got peckish, there was an array of food on offer on the ground floor; hot butties, raw foods and cereals. Gluten free cereal and dairy free milk were available for those of us with food intolerances.

Drinks were on hand in the way of free iced water, healthy smoothies or COFFEE. The large queue for coffee at 7am made me smile!

In case you’re interested; the green mojito-style smoothies we had were delicious, and I also tried a very tasty raw cookie dough ball.

Great outfits

With such a mixed clientele came an array of outfits that put end to the statement of “I don’t know what to wear”. At Morning Gloryville, you wear whatever you want! Our fave get-ups today included an amazing waistcoat and trousers set patterned with brightly-coloured fruits, and a gent wearing a rather fetching top hat on his head and a baby on his front.


As we left the Belgrave, we found ourselves outside in glorious sunshine; a stark contrast to the dark world we have come to expect when leaving a club.

I noticed I was pretty hungry, which I put down to the exercise, but I had a dilemma due to the conflict in my head; part of my brain wanted me to eat ‘clean’ food, like another smoothie. The other part of my brain wanted me to stuff my face with all things carb, like I would if I’d been out drinking and wanted to ensure I’d feel ok ‘in the morning’. Morning Gloryville, you’ve confused my brain, but I and all of us at love you for it!

Has our morning rave upped our productivity today? We reckon so. If not it was good exercise, it made us smile all day, and we witnessed a young blind man having an absolutely amazing time with his friends in a safe and friendly environment.

See you next month, Belgrave – we’re hooked! In fact, we enjoyed ourselves so much, it is going to become part of our company ethos from now on – #PayDayRave has been born, and long may it continue.


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