Today is proud to announce that it is now expanding its services into digital security with its new cyber security service, CyberScanner.

A unique and ground-breaking tool that is able to analyse and record the security vulnerabilities of publicly available digital properties, CyberScanner is a market leader in digital security protection.

Reza Moaiandin, technical director at said:

“CyberScanner is one of the first cyber security tools in the world that uses advanced finger printing technology for its passive scanning, capable of monitoring millions of websites with little effort.

“This is further advanced by using its own HackerStep technology to simulate a hacker’s move based on platform and technology a website uses, making it one of the most capable cyber security tools in the world. Currently capable of identifying over 65,000 known vulnerabilities.”


The tool, designed by’s own technical security team, is able to crawl a digital property, probing both active and passive security tests.

When a weakness is identified, a report is issued, and added to an on-going list of vulnerabilities.

Companies are then issued with a tailored report with issues ranked from high to low.

Why CyberScanner matters

CyberScanner searches through public properties, looking for thousands of known vulnerabilities, which are constantly updated and expanded.

With the ability to set up and integrate CyberScanner within a matter of minutes, the tool is affordable, scalable, and dissolves the hassle of sales engineers or proof-of-concept phases.

What’s more, CyberScanner integrates with a variety of tools commonly used by developers and provides regular reports so that the ROI is instantly visible as the website moves towards a stronger culture of security.

CyberScanner Enterprise

CyberScanner Enterprise is SALT’s premier cyber security service and clients are offered the benefit of a cyber security consultant, who will work and advise on further vulnerabilities and work with in-house developers to help implement changes.

For more information about Cyber Security, call us on 0113 460 5671 or email us at [email protected].